Published Sunday, 24th March 2013

Man In The Middle: High Stakes

This Sunday, Revolution Pro Wrestling returns to Sittingbourne with an event aptly titled “High Stakes” featuring a main event of Sha Samuels defending the British Heavyweight Championship against Colt Cabana. If you need any convincing that this is a huge match, check out the promotional video on the front page of the Rev Pro website. This match is as big as it gets in British wrestling and the outcome could have huge ramifications for both champion and challenger.

Sha Samuels has held the British Heavyweight Championship for 22 months. Read that sentence again and I hope you can see what a huge achievement that is. Samuels won the belt in a triple threat match that also featured Pro Wrestling NOAH’s Takeshi Morishima and then champion, Big Bad Dave Mastiff. Since that night, Sha Samuels has gone on to defeat some of the biggest names in British wrestling including Martin Stone, Marty Scurll and El Ligero.  Some people argue that many of Sha’s title defences were hampered by interference by his stable of associates including T-Bone and Rockstar Spud. Whilst it is true that these men have assisted Samuels, the fact remains that Sha is still the champion and still the man to beat in Revolution Pro Wrestling.  

Long time fans of British wrestling will remember Samuels as one half of the highly successful Kartel team alongside Terry Frazier. Since the two men parted ways in violent fashion in 2010, Samuels has evolved from a tag team specialist into a highly accomplished singles competitor who will hold on to his championship by any means necessary.

Over the years, many stars from overseas have made their way to the UK for the occasional appearance. One man however, has made the UK his second home with numerous appearances all over the country. That man, is Colt “ Boom Boom” Cabana.

Since making his first UK appearance in 2003, Cabana has appeared more on UK soil than probably any other American star, competing on numerous independent shows and the extensive UK holiday camp circuit. Not only has Colt competed in our country but he was one of the first modern day wrestler’s to take elements of the British wrestling style back to America. Cabana’s unorthodox British/ American hybrid style has led him to great success in the States and now he wants to attain his greatest UK success.

After defeating T-Bone, Dave Mastiff and Rampage Brown in a four way match at our No Holds Barred event, Cabana has earned the right to challenge for the British Heavyweight Championship on March 31st. Following his victory, Cabana took the microphone and in the excitement of the moment, announced that if he can’t beat Sha Samuels for the title then Cabana would never wrestle in the UK again.

What would have been an already huge title match was now lifted to a whole new level. The British Heavyweight Championship versus Colt Cabana’s UK wrestling career. This match is possibly the biggest you will see in the UK this year and considering that RPW have already announced some huge matches for the future, that’s a big statement and one that I stand by.

Is Colt Cabana confident that he can become the British heavyweight champion or will he live to regret his added stipulation? Sha Samuels has stated that he hates “Yanks” and that he hates the comedic aspect that Cabana brings to the table. I have no doubt that both men have a lot to prove in this match and the winner will have truly achieved something worthy of the history books. If Cabana beats Samuels, Colt will become the first ever American to hold the RPW British Heavyweight Championship and solidify his status as one of the great American wrestlers to compete on these shores. If Sha Samuels can defeat Colt Cabana, not only will Samuels have defeated one of America’s great wrestling exports but the Londoner will have stuck two fingers up to all the doubters.  Whatever the outcome, I expect a classic match between two of the very best wrestlers in the world who will deliver everything a main event should be.


I’ll see you from the ring…