Published Saturday, 25th May 2013

Man In The Middle: Road To Thunder

This Sunday sees the last stop for Revolution Pro Wrestling on the road to Bethnal Green and the huge “When Thunder Strikes” event featuring wrestling legend Jushin “Thunder” Liger. 

With such a gigantic event on the horizon, you could possibly forgive RPW matchmakers if they had overlooked this Sundays Sittingbourne event. Amazingly, Rev Pro has assembled a card that rivals the upcoming Bethnal Green event with a selection of mouth-watering matches featuring some of the very best wrestlers in the world today as we head down the “Road To Thunder”

If you love watching tag team wrestling, RPW has once again put together two big time tag team matches with championship implications. The first tag team encounter will see the returning London Riots take on the debuting team of Paul Robinson and Will Ospreay, known collectively as the Swords of Essex. James Davis and Rob Lynch of the London Riots have been absent from Rev Pro for a number of months, following a series of bouts with the Hooligans and the Hunter Brothers. In their absence from RPW events, the Riots have been honing their skills all over the UK and must surely be looking to make a big impact this Sunday. Robinson and Ospreay are two of the most athletically gifted wrestlers I have ever seen and together they might be the most dynamic duo in wrestling today. This will be a classic battle of the Riots size and strength versus the Swords speed and aerial expertise. I’d speculate that the winner of this match will get a shot at Project Ego’s tag titles in the near future.

Speaking of Project Ego, the duo of Martin Kirby and Kris Travis will be in non-title action against the potentially outstanding team of El Ligero and Samuray Del Sol. Ego are world class wrestlers as well as being the two most underhanded and annoying wrestlers I’ve ever refereed. I have no doubt that they will attempt to use every shortcut to slow down their high flying opposition. El Ligero is widely known to RPW fans as one of the world’s finest wrestlers, mixing speed and high flying moves with unique offence. His tag team partner, Samuray Del Sol, is making his Sittingbourne debut this Sunday and will leave an impression on our fans that will last a lifetime. This match has all the elements of a show stealer and an all-time Sittingbourne classic.

If hard hitting, heavyweight wars are your kind of thing, then look no further than the bout featuring Dave Mastiff versus Rampage Brown. Simply put, this is two of the very best heavyweights in the country beating the hell out of each other. When you factor in the guidance of Andy Boy Simmonz as the driving force behind Rampage Brown, this match becomes even more interesting. Simmonz has long been a thorn in the side of Dave Mastiff, leading to this huge contest. Expect a war in this one, nothing more, nothing less.

If cruiserweight action is what you’re looking for, then look no further. Mark Haskins versus Noam Dar versus Mark Andrews is a huge match for all three men. Haskins is still looking to become cruiserweight champion following huge wins over the likes of Jerry Lynn and Yoshihiro Tajiri, with this being his chance to be seen as the top contending cruiserweight in Rev Pro. Dar has still to win the big one in RPW, despite coming close in classic battles with the likes of Lynn and Prince Devitt., this must surely be his biggest chance to show that he is every bit as good as his potential suggests. Mark Andrews is the wildcard in this match, being the least well known of the three. Having watched Andrews career from the beginning, I can personally state that he is ready to break out and cement a top spot in European wrestling. All three men have a lot to gain and a lot to lose and in that situation, anything is possible.

Like Mark Andrews, Robbie X is another star that is ready to break out as a top young star in European wrestling and what better way to break out than by taking on ‘Party’ Marty Scurll. A win over the British Bootcamp star would be huge for young Robbie but it won’t come easy. Marty Scurll is a confusing young man. His love-hate relationship with the fans, coupled with his complete disrespect of Prince Devitt at our last event has many people wondering about Marty Scurll. Is he as driven as he’s been before? Did the British Bootcamp loss having a bigger effect on him than he would admit? Whatever the case may be, Scurll is one of the world’s best right now and as long as he stays focused, he will be a champion again in the near future. Robbie X is fighting to show he belongs among the elite whilst Scurll is fighting to show why he is the elite. Robbie X has nothing to lose and everything to gain, making him an incredibly tough challenge in my opinion. 
The final match at this Sunday’s event is the much awaited Sabre Jr versus McKinnan 2. Those who saw the first battle between Zack Sabre Jr and MK McKinnan will know that it was a brutal classic. Hard hitting, innovative wrestling at its best is what we expect from both men and I have no doubt that we will see exactly that this Sunday. Sabre walked away with the win following the last encounter and now the question remains, has McKinnan learnt from the past? Will history repeat itself? Only time will tell…

The final thing I want to write about is Sha Samuels. The former British Heavyweight Champion lost that title to Colt Cabana in March following an incredibly emotional main event. Samuels has been quiet since that defeat but I understand that the former champion will be in attendance this Sunday. I’ll go out on a limb and suggest that Samuels has been bottling up his feelings since his title loss and that we will see those feelings explode this Sunday. I for one will be staying away from Sha Samuels this weekend. 

Six huge matches featuring the world’s best in Sittingbourne this Sunday. It really doesn’t get better than this.

I’ll see you from the ring…