Published Monday, 24th February 2014

Cabana vs Scurll From a Middle Mans Perspective


Over the past 9 years that I’ve been a referee, I have had the privilege of officiating some huge matches for Revolution Pro Wrestling featuring British and international stars. The biggest matches I can remember have always been championship matches. Whether it be The Leaders defending tag team gold, Prince Devitt as our cruiserweight champion or Colt Cabana defeating Sha Samuels for the British Heavyweight title, the biggest encounters each year are championship encounters.

On March 15th, the British Heavyweight Championship will be on the line as reigning champion Colt Cabana defends his title against the number one contender, Marty Scurll. This match will be the main event at High Stakes in front of a packed York Hall crowd and I have no doubt as to the magnitude of this match.

In order to understand the importance of this match, you must look at the history of the two men involved. Colt Cabana first came to the UK in 2003 and wrestled CM Punk in York Hall when the two Chicago natives were relative unknowns. Fast forward to 2013 and Cabana returned to York Hall, not only as a world renowned superstar but as the Rev Pro Heavyweight Champion. Colt had come full circle and returned as the conquering hero.

Later in 2013, Marty Scurll headlined our second York Hall event when he wrestled New Japan Pro Wrestling superstar, Hiroshi Tanahashi. On that night, Scurll took his place as a true main event wrestler and a future heavyweight champion. In his time in Rev Pro, Marty Scurll has grown from a tag team specialist alongside Zack Sabre Jr, to a cruiserweight champion, to a TNA British Bootcamp star and now to a bonafide main event star.

Colt Cabana has been the Rev Pro Champion for over a year and the company could not have asked for a better champion. As a true superstar in wrestling, Cabana has allowed many new fans to experience Rev Pro action with his not only his in ring appeal but his incredibly successful podcast, The Art Of Wrestling. Inside the ring, Cabana has twice defeated Sha Samuels in title matches as well as defeating Rampage Brown in a hard fought battle.

Since early 2013, Marty Scurll has scored huge wins over Rockstar Spud, MK McKinnan, Jay Lethal and many others. Scurll is a star on the rise and having accomplished everything in Rev Pro except winning the Heavyweight title, you know that Marty has nothing on his mind but winning the big one on March 15th.

One other huge element in this title clash is the added stipulation of it being held under Iron Fist rules. That means that the man who scores the most decisions via pinfall, submissions, DQ or countout in 30 minutes will be the winner. The only way to avoid going to the time limit is to render your opponent unconscious for a count of 10. With this added stipulation, Marty Scurll may have the advantage, having previously competed in an Iron Fist match.

For Colt Cabana, this match is about once again returning to his second home here in the UK as champion and then going home to Chicago with the gold still around his waist. For Marty Scurll, this match is about winning the big one and proving that he is Europe’s number one wrestler.

Whatever the outcome of this match, fans are guaranteed to see a championship match like only Rev Pro can give them.