Published Tuesday, 28th April 2015

Man In The Middle 28/4/15

Revolution Pro Wrestling has a rich history of showcasing some of the greatest wrestlers and most spectacular matches from around the world. Rev Pro really does provide pro wrestling at its best and that is more prominent than ever with the recent launch of Rev Pro TV every Monday night on YouTube.

In just 6 weeks, Rev Pro TV has featured the likes of Marty Scurll, Sha Samuels, Rocky Romero, Doug Williams and Will Ospreay in matches that were taped at the London Cockpit. Alongside these brand new matches, Rev Pro has offered fans the chance to watch incredible matches from our past such as Zack Sabre Jr vs. Shinsuke Nakamura for free!

Now, as much as I love the amazing in ring action on display, one of favourite things about Rev Pro TV and Revolution Pro Wrestling in general is our announce team, consisting of Oliver Bennett and former British Heavyweight Champion, Andy Boy Simmonz.

The ringside commentary team is such an important aspect of televised wrestling and I firmly believe that nobody does a better job than the duo of Bennett and Simmonz.  The two men, who don’t get along on screen or off, verbally joust with each other and call the matches in such an energetic and enthusiastic way that takes me back to the wrestling of my youth.

The ever prepared and knowledgeable Oliver Bennett is a classic wrestling announcer in every sense, giving you the ins and outs of what we are seeing in the ring, much like legendary British wrestling legend Kent Walton.

Andy Boy Simmonz is the perfect partner for Bennett with his years of in ring experience bringing a fascinating insight to the commentary table. Simmonz antagonistic style harkens back to the days of legends such as Bobby Heenan or Jesse Ventura.

Listening to these two men calling the action has added to some of the most important matches and moments in Rev Pro and made them even more important.  Most recently, the announcing for the matches involving wrestling legend Matt Classic have been a prime example of what Bennett and Simmonz bring to the table. Informative yet entertaining, I could listen to this duo all day long.

The next Rev Pro show takes place at the London Cockpit this coming Sunday and I can’t wait to hear the ringside calls from the number one announce team in Europe. Check out Rev Pro TV next Monday night to hear more from the wonderful Oliver Bennett and the ever controversial Andy Boy Simmonz.

 I’m Chris Roberts and I’ll see you from the ring…