Published Wednesday, 13th May 2015

Man In The Middle 12/5/15

With just over a month until Rev Pro returns to York Hall, Bethnal Green I thought I’d take the time over the next few weeks to share some of my favourite York Hall memories.

June’s York Hall event will mark two years since Rev Pro debuted in that world famous building in London’s East End. I remember the weeks and months leading up to that day like it was yesterday and the buzz leading up to it was incredible. It all began with the announcement of the UK debut of Japanese wrestling legend, Jushin “Thunder” Liger. Here was a man that had long been talked about by UK promoters and fans as one of the very few legends that had never graced these shores, many had tried and failed to gain Liger’s services over the years but it wasn’t until 2013 that it became a reality.

Following the announcement of Liger, the announcement of his opponent made the whole night seem even more important. At the York Hall, Jushin “Thunder” Liger would take on Prince Devitt in a match that nobody ever believed could take place on UK soil. At the time, Devitt had only made sporadic UK appearances in recent years and had been welcomed back as a long lost son on each occasion. Prince Devitt was now to return to the country where he trained to take on one of his mentors in a true main event spectacular.

The final piece of the puzzle was added with the huge news that British wrestling legend, Mark “Rollerball” Rocco would make an incredibly rare appearance at a wrestling event as he was to sit ringside for this epic encounter.

The event was dubbed “When Thunder Strikes” and it was Rev Pro’s biggest event to date. York Hall was packed to the rafters as fans witnessed a huge night of wrestling featuring the world’s best including Sha Samuels, Colt Cabana, Doug Williams, Harry Smith and many more. Following a fantastic night of action, it was main event time and I was as nervous as id ever been in a wrestling ring.

Mark “Rollerball” Rocco set the scene with a pre match interview where he talked about the history of British wrestling and York Hall and then it was go time!

Prince Devitt, in his pre Bullet Club days made his entrance first to a hero’s welcome and then we waited. For what seemed like forever, we waited and then the first chord of Liger’s iconic entrance music kicked in and the building became electrified. Goosebumps shot up my arms and Prince Devitt gave me a nod and told me that this was about to get crazy. Liger made his entrance to rapturous applause and the as he entered the ring it felt like the biggest thing I’d ever been a part of in wrestling. Before the match, Liger, Rocco and Devitt took pictures in the ring and those pictures have since become part of Rev Pro’s rich history and then we were ready.

I don’t need to describe the match, check it out for yourself at Rev Pro On Demand. I will say that it was and still is one of my all-time favourite matches and it set the tone for everything that was to come in the following two years. We made magic that night and well make magic again on June 14th.

I’ll see you from the ring…