Published Friday, 7th July 2017

Twitter Q&A Transcript 06/07/17

Today’s Q&A covered some of the hottest topics that were on your minds from WWE, favourite matches and possible new talent to the RPW roster! Want the answers to all these questions but can't be bothered with scrolling through Twitter for hours? Read below.


@eazzz90 asked:  will Pete Dunne, Trent Seven and Tyler Bate be returning or is it difficult to get them back?

@RevPro: Sure they will. It's just a matter of scheduling.


@Jimbo1886 asked: Are u a gamer.. If so what's your fave games right now?

@RevProUK: Zelda. BOTW. Ruined my life


 @SJSutton5150 asked: on the subject of the ondemand service will there be more show coming under the "Before The Revolution" category?

@RevProUK: Yes probably. The more recent stuff which isn't out yet will be our priority though


@Lukesimmo96 asked: What about a rev pro japan show similar to honour rising or fantasticamania? We got njpw in UK so why not rev pro in japan

@RevProUK: That is something we would be interested in in the future of course


@dylan_m129023 asked: Will J cup be streamed live on rev pro on demand? #askrevpro

@RevProUK: No. But it will be available on Monday... We'll continue to experiment low key with live until we get it right.

@the_real_sheikh asked: any chance of getting Okada?

@RevProUK: He's worked for us multiple times if you search  you can see some of those times & yes we'd love to have him back


@TeeHaitchGee asked: Are tickets still left for summer sizzler?

@RevProUK: Yes but in very limited number. We only have floor seats left now, so act quick if you want in!


@arewenotben asked: Is the tag match on Saturday non-title?

@RevProUK: Yes


@the_real_sheikh asked:  heard of an update of Shibata?

@RevProUK: Heard he'll be updating his blog soon. Hoping for positive news. He was a standup champ for us & without a doubt 1 of the best in the world


@dylan_m129023 asked: Know you've been asked a million times but when will epic encounter be out on DVD can't wait to re watch the best live experience ever onDVD

@RevProUK: Ok so that, Orlando and J Cup will all be here by Sizzler. Once our new merch shop is up everything will be quicker!


 @JackShan01 asked: What matches has 'Show stealer' written all over it (at The British J cup) 

 @RevProUK: ALL OF THEM! We have 2 BOSJ final rematches, 2 unique 1st time matches, Riddle Vs Ishii, CCK vs LIJ, plus 4 way elimination final


@ADellanzo1 asked: Is there any plans on future signature only packages because I'd like to get all 8 guys on Saturday to sign my poster?

@RevProUK: We try to keep it as simple as possible at the moment. You can always get poster signed instead of prints

@mlwalshman asked: Does the winner of the cup get a title shot similar to the winner of the G1Climax?

@RevProUK: Whoever wins will certainly be rewarded, but title match really depends who wins especially given the fact the champ is in the tournament

@ArmbarVillain asked: Top 5 cockpit matches in your opinion? I want to compare with mine

@RevProUK: Too many, Bodom/Dijak, Scurll/Ospreay 1, Sydal/Ospreay, Seven/Sabre, Banks/Scurll/Dunne vs Ospreay/Strickland/Smile + so many more!

@HarryJackMills asked: Roughly when will Uprising be this year?

@RevProUK: Hoping to have a date locked in before the end of the month


@PercySwindles asked: Who's your favourite to take the cup?

@RevProUK: We don't play favourites! But any of the 8 men certainly have a strong case!


@ADellanzo1 asked: Also is ZLJR going to be there on Saturday?

@RevProUK: No full line up has been announced. Zack is next in action August 17th where he puts his belt on the line against Chris Brookes.


@paradise1966 asked: Are we getting any new Japan stars at the sizzler? Also is ZLJR going to be there on Saturday?

@RevProUK: New Japan star Marty Scurll Vs Rey Mysterio is your main event. As far as anyone else you'll have to wait and see!


@d7dawg asked: Thoughts on the Riddle/Ishii match

@RevProUK:  subs (it's going to be amazing)


@dan123rko asked: Any desire to add individual downloads to shows on pivotshare so we can download single cockpit shows for example?

@RevProUK: All of the shows will be up for individual download on Vimeo soon.


@puroadam asked: Any chance of getting Young Lion Kawato over sometime?

@RevProUK: Always. Hirmou Takahashi had his first match outside of New Japan with us in 2013... He returned quite the different person in 2017!


@DavidXMcKenzie asked: looks like I just got the last balcony ticket for the Sizzler ;) when will the next matches be announced?

@RevProUK: Probably next week at some point, maybe sooner if we get carried away!


@markp_pancott asked: when will there be some announcements for Portsmouth. Any interest on having grado on a show?

@RevProUK: Match announcements begin next week. The card is STACKED! & we love Grado!


@theianhamilton asked: Any chance of the Tempura Boyz?

@RevProUK: In the future yes.


@youell1986 asked: How much wrestling do you watch a week? And what do you watch?

@RevProUK: Way too much. WWE & New Japan, big ROH shows but in general anything we need to go out our way to watch, so EVERYTHING


@Wrestlemaniac93 asked:  Since The UK has taken The world by a storm, is there a chance to see you in The States Preferably Florida or something?

@RevProUK: We were in Orlando Wrestlemania weekend. It was a blast! We'll be in New Orleans next year!


@KaoruSHIKI asked: Will there be a meet&greet with Daryl the Kitty?

@RevProUK: We haven't got confirmation on if he made it through customs. Not sure if he got all the jabs done on time. But fingers crossed!


@rbrtmrtn asked: Kawato is already perfect though

@RevProUK: & Takahashi was pretty wonderful then as well. Just illustrating that there is always a chance we'll bring over young lions :-)


@JordanOwen89 asked: which of your guys will be part of global wars or are all announcements down to ROH?

@RevProUK: Assuming you mean ROH's War of The Worlds Tour: ROH will let you know in due course.


@craigbwwe1 asked: will bully Ray be doing meet and greet at summersizler and any update on when meet and greet go on sale

@RevProUK: Yes. He will be apart of the separate meet and greet that we will put on sale as soon as all names have been announced.


@dylan_m129023 asked: Any chance of having all participants from global wars this year on the meet and great including all U.K. Stars #askrevpro

@RevProUK: Yes possibly. We've been trying to add a few UK guys to all the meet and greets moving forward so there will be some there for sure


@danhiscock1998 asked: So 6 big shows this year? High stakes, epic encounter, j cup, summer sizzler, uprising, global wars?

@RevProUK: that's the plan right now yes, but plans can change.


@NoelRattigan said: you don't need to watch WWE

@RevProUK: Like them or hate them, they are industry leaders. Their business trends impact the wrestling world. It's important to watch & try and learn even if it's to learn what doesn't work and what not to do.


@youell1986 asked: Is there anything you would change about your job/role within the wrestling business. If so, what?

@RevProUK: Would have more qualified hands on deck!


@HarryJackMills asked:  any chance of Lykos, Brookes and Banks all teaming together at a RPW show

@RevProUK: We’ve heard they are all mates so possibly.


@dylan_m129023 asked: Any chance of signed pics on the website soon? #askrevpro

@RevProUK: New shop site is coming before end of July and it will have lots of cool stuff and provide a much better/quicker service!


@LordGideonGrey asked: Why aren't you answering your door?

@RevProUK: Doing a Q&A


@willcooling asked: any discussions about a New Japan UK Title that could be defended on RPW shows

@RevProUK: Not at the moment. We do have a British Championship that has been defended in Japan though!


@PartyElectrify asked: are any NJPW guys getting announced for Summer Sizzler 

@RevProUK: Maybe.


@dylan_m129023 Is Rey mysterio the only person at summer sizzler with his own meet and greet or will others such as bull ray and ZSJ have their own also?

@RevProUK: There will be a meet & greet with lots of talent separate to Reys. The only reason Rey's is separate is lessons learned with the Elite M&G