Published Thursday, 10th August 2017

Man in the Middle 10/08/2017


It’s been quite some time since I wrote an article for the Revolution Pro Wrestling website but what better time than with just over a week to go until the summer’s hottest live event, Summer Sizzler. Rather than a long article, I’m just going to give you some of my thoughts and opinions on current goings-on in Rev Pro.




Is there a bigger potential star than Eddie Dennis in Rev Pro right now? Personally I think Eddie is one great match away from reaching the top tier in Rev Pro. Eddie may have missed out on an opportunity to wrestle at York Hall in August but I’d bet heavily that he won’t miss another one.




Sha Samuels is still one of the very best in the country. A win over Bully Ray at York Hall may well serve to remind fans just how great Sha can be. Does the East End butcher have another title run in his future?




Josh Bodom faces the biggest challenge of his career at Summer Sizzler. Not only is he wrestling a legend in Jushin “Thunder” Liger but Liger is also the man that beat Josh in under 3 minutes at the British J Cup. That has to be playing on Bodom’s mind going into this huge match.




Next weeks Undisputed British Heavyweight title match between Zack Sabre Jr and Chris Brookes is arguably the most intriguing math of the night. Brookes is one of the few people to defeat Zack in recent memory but nobody out performs the champion in big matches. This could be a classic.




Both Zack Gibson and Ryan Smile have big time matches at York Hall. The two stars recently had one hell of a match at Live at the Cockpit 16. Go out of your way to check it out!




The brand new is up and running with some fantastic new items. Still waiting on that first Chris Roberts shirt…




In October, Rev Pro will venture to Leamington for the very first time, tickets on sale now!




 Jay White vs Travis Banks is another potential show stealer at York Hall. Both are incredible talents with huge futures. I wouldn’t want to pick a winner in this but whoever it is, I hope to see singles gold in their future.




The Summer Sizzler main event is so huge I don’t have the words to describe it. One of the biggest stars in wrestling history versus one of the biggest stars of wrestling today. Lucha legend versus The Villain. This match has all the tangibles you want in a great main event and I think the crowd will be crazy from start to finish. This will be another Rev Pro classic!




That’s all for me folks, I’ll see you next week at York Hall…