Published Thursday, 24th August 2017

Twitter Q & A

The latest twitter Q&A covered a lot of exciting new topics including: New talent/territory, why 'That' match isn't on demand and  possible Tag Team tournement. Want the answers to all these questions but can’t be bothered with scrolling through Twitter for hours? Read below.


@CLinay asked: Will you be looking at using some local/debuting Midlands talent on the Leamington Spa show? #AskRevPro

@RevProUK: Possibly. But not too many as we'll be bringing as close a RevPro experience as possible with our regular roster and international names


@tonyj86316 asked: any possibility in the future that Portsmouth gets a Summer Sizzler ?

@RevProUK: Not all big shows have to be in London. We are putting on a world class lineup this Sunday it's up to the South Coast to come support it!


@marzles asked: Define "great". You have as much right to run a show here as they do. The WWE shows proved the city's untapped fan base.

@RevProUK: Yes we do. But also have a huge level of respect. Ricky personally helped me (Andy) a lot in getting a break whether he realizes it or not.


@alechawley1 asked: what other promotions would you recommend keeping an eye on for London shows?

@RevProUK: Progress, Lucha Britannia… but mainly RevPro 1st Sunday of every month!


@DuncanDsrdrly asked: Any women's matches planned for York Hall cards?

@RevProUK: In the future absolutely


@CiaranRH asked: Which wrestlers are big on your want list for a show at the moment?

@RevProUK: bushi, Suzuki & would obviously love Kenny back. There's 3 for you!


@SatbyNature asked: do you know the day you'll be running for Mania weekend? How's the planning going? #AskRevPro

@RevProUK: It will likely be same time as this year The Friday at 4pm... we will confirm soon and have all info available here when we do!


@TonyTimes2 asked: Wait, what?! Sha's a face?

@RevProUK: we run monthly shows with storylines that continue on to York Hall shows. You can follow them all on demand.


@SmithyPlayz1999 asked: I always enjoyed the AJ Styles show a lot :D credit bringing that caliber of a wrestler to Portsmouth :D

@RevProUK: He was a true pro & a gent who brought so much to us as a promotion & helped us grow. Will always be grateful. He deserves all his success.


@oldathers asked: Ever considered moving merch nearer the bar area? As a wheelchair user I found it a nightmare getting to the gents cos of merch queues

@RevProUK: Very hard to do that. But completely understand your point. Perhaps we can take a look at your seats in future to accommodate better?


@BrenMckenna asked:  thoughts on the G1 final?

@RevProUK: Tremendous! Kenny is out of this world amazing and Naito is just as good. It's a great time to be a wrestling fan.


@marzles asked: @RevProUK What are the chances of running Norwich?

@RevProUK: Not high. WAW do a great job there & we would never do anything without their blessing.


@KubesMania asked: the Rev Pro show from Orlando be on DVD at all?

@RevProUK: Believe so. We've built a bit of a backlog up. We'll get J Cup and Sizzler out then see where we are at


@JackEdwards_7 asked: Any plans for Hiromu to come back before the end of the year?

@RevProUK: We don't do talent announcements on these Q&A's. But we are very fond of both Hiromu & are very pleased to see Daryl is back on the mend!


@josephcwilfred asked: favourite Cockpit match from this year so far?

@RevProUK: So many to choose from. Probably CCK winning tag belts from Redman/Sterling because of the feels


@Nick_8_Vita asked: will you have a one-night heavyweight tournament in the future (with NJPW talent too) after the gorgeous British J Cup?

@RevProUK: Yes. Likely with more representation from other nations.


@simonodocopp asked: What are the chances of a tag tournament in the near future?

@RevProUK: It would seem like a smart idea to do that soon. We said after J-Cup a heavyweight & a tag tourney are also very much on the cards.


 @arewenotben asked: Any plans to ever outgrow York Hall with a supercard, as with Progress @ Ally Pally?

 @RevProUK: We have always been about walking before we can run. I believe we are ready & ambitious. It's all about timing and opportunity.


 @PartyElectrify asked: I thought that was a really fun match, don't understand where the problem is? Was it Bully?

 @RevProUK: Fun match for the house. Sha is a face. Neither Samuels (who is great) or Lias are cannon fodder. A small degree of respect goes a long way.


@HarryJackMills asked: Favorite Portsmouth Guildhall show

@RevProUK: Either the Ryback or Hornswoggle show! Although this Sunday's card will likely top both!


@Heathen_Will asked: Will you ever run a show without any technical problems? j/k

@RevProUK: Probably not


@anilizer_34 asked: With wrestlers in high demand how far out do you usually need to book talent for shows? #AskRevPro

@RevProUK: It varies but it’s certainly a lot harder than it used to be!


@MichaelLungley asked: What's your dream venue to run a RevPro show in?

@RevProUK: Wembley Stadium


@GranitJacka asked: same question as always from me... any chance on seeing Okada? #AskRevPro

@RevProUK: same answer as always check him out on  and hopefully we'll see him again in the future!


@Y2AJJJ asked: Coming up north anytime soon? #AskRevPro

@RevProUK: So we're coming to Leamington (the Midlands) Oct 22nd thats pretty far up North for us. If it works we'll continue to move up the country!



@cpbrdthewrdrbe asked: Are you guys doing Global Wars again this year? If so, when?

@RevProUK: Last time we answer this question in a Q&A ever... we are working on it


@Ben__Saunders asked: Any other big announcements apart from Uprising or Global Wars?

@RevProUK: Probably


@TonyTimes2 asked: Why have you stopped running Summer Sizzler on my birthday? I have to organise something & see family instead of grapplers now

@RevProUK: Very sorry. Spending time with family is the worst.


@ADellanzo1 asked: Are there still two shows at York Hall left this year? Would love to see Yano vs Gibson and The Elite vs CCK? #askrevpro @RevProUK

@RevProUK: That’s the plan yes. As far as matches wait and see!


@zahidf asked: is there any news yet on a heaveyweight/tag team version of the Super J cup potential follow ups?

@RevProUK: They are coming. We have our calendars out on a daily basis at the moment looking where we can program stuff in.


@OriginalTwoHats  asked: Will you be filming the Portsmouth show on Sunday?

@RevProUK: Yes it will be available on 


@JPJipeee asked: #AskRevPro Any chance of rocky romero coming in? Would be great to see him in the cockpit

@RevProUK: We had a great time with Rocky when he was over for a month in 2015 and would love to have him back


@NicLempriere asked: are you planning to do season tickets again and what's the pricing likely to be?

@RevProUK: Yes we will be doing season tickets again. We will try to keep pricing as close to this years as possible.


@CTwiggerWWE  asked: Do you have a Rough Idea when Uprising and Global Wars will be announced? :) #AskRevPro

@RevProUK: As we covered there will be at least one announcement this week!


@MichaelLungley asked: Are you due to announce Uprising 2017 anytime soon?

@RevProUK Yes we are


@JPJipeee asked: As your running leamington, any chance of shows in Oxford or the Home Counties?

@RevProUK: Our intention is to run everywhere. We’re really looking to step it up moving into 2018. Leamington is just the start so please support it


@ColinHebertSLTD asked: Will you please ban beach balls and fans that play with beach balls during the matches from your events? #AskRevPro

@RevProUK: We'd like to think our fans are respectful enough to not engage in this horseplay!


@HarryJackMills asked: Why isnt Bully Ray vs Sha Samuels on the OnDemand #AskRevPro

@RevProUK: Continuity. We have pride in what we do & what we are trying to achieve & love to work with people who respect that fact.


@ohmywrestling asked: when will the pictures with Rey be available?

@RevProUK: They are available right now over at our Facebook page


@WholeShow asked: New York hall shows??? When? When? When?

@RevProUK: There will be at the very least one York Hall announcement this week. We are working on more!