Published Friday, 22nd September 2017

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A complete Transcript of our Twitter Q&A from 22nd September 2017. Get all your question answered right here

@Elizaroo asked: Please tell us Andy what happened to the cock rock pre-show/halftime playlist? We loved that!

@RevProUK: When you know the words and the exact order & you wake up in a sweat with it going through your head it's time for a change


@alex_lavorico asked: Which best match happen this year in @RevProUK #ASKREVPRO

@RevProUK: There's lots. Bodom Vs Ospreay. Gibson Vs Thatcher. Riddle Vs Shibata. Loads more.


@arewenotben asked: Will there be an improvement to the bar situation experienced at the J Cup in Walthamstow for Global Wars?

MorWill there be an improvement to the bar situation experienced at the J Cup in Walthamstow for Global Wars? #askrevpro

@RevProUK: Yes. Would like to point out bar is nothing to do with us but we're on their case to sort it there will be a 2nd bar opening. More card machines. More cans/plastic bottles so less pouring & hopefully a happier time for everyone


@ItsMaggleCole asked: two guys you'd love to see in a match that are yet to compete at revpro? #askrevpro

@RevProUK: Very hard question to answer! So... pass!


@greenclarinet asked: can you get pivot share to launch an app? Can't cast it to my firestick and not keen on buying more hardware

Mortwo guys you'd love to see in a match that are yet to compete at revpro?

@RevProUK: Working on it



@GeraintL asked: You've put on a stellar 2017 so far at all your venues & shows. What's your personal highlight so far?

@RevProUK: Being able to consistently put on top quality shows at the London Cockpit featuring new talent and the highest quality of matches



@BoltsyAmsterdam asked: Are there separate tickets for M&G?

@RevProUK: There will be yes


@R1C1R asked : will there be a meet and greet at uprising 2017? and will there be a date announcement soon? #AskRevPro


@RevProUK: Yes x2


@TheStanchion asked: El Phantasmo, great Canadian, or greatest Canadian?

@RevProUK: 2nd behind Bret



@Dunlop_145 asked: could we see more women's matches in rev pro next year?

oEl Phantasmo, great Canadian, or greatest Canadian?

@RevProUK asked: For Sure


@HarryJackMills asked: Is Speedball Mike Bailey a potential contender for Bodoms Title

@RevProUK: Yes


@simonodocopp asked: Any wrestlers from mainland Europe that you'd like to bring over in the near future? #AskRevPro

@RevProUK: A few yes but at the moment we have soooo much talent it's all about timing!


@CatBinaNina asked: will the meet & greets at Global Ears have the same guys both nights? #AskRevPro

@RevProUK: Yes same guys both nights


@MaxLFC123 asked: Any chance of getting a show down the south west? (Particularly Cornwall )

@RevProUK: We'd like to come everywhere. It all relies on you wonderful peoples love and support!


@CathalWogan asked: Would you consider booking Irish gentry angaibst English gentry? Paul Tracey v Gideon? Tracey is a legit legend. #AskRevPro

@RevProUK: How much di Gideon pay you to ask that?


@ArmbarVillain asked: Where’s hangman?

@RevProUK: Haven’t seen him!


@reece_59 asked: ever considered a cage match? Or too much a pain in the arse? #AskRevPro

@RevProUK: We've had a steel cage sat at our training school for maybe two years now.... I think that answer's your question lol


@scumboy87 asked: now the big question... any signs of Liger or Fale on this event?

@RevProUK: No talet announcements during Q&A time. Sorry!


@CSGOBash asked: How do I get started on training with Rev Pro in Portsmouth? #AskRevPro

@RevProUK: Just come along. All the info is on the website!


@Nick_8_Vita asked: will we have women matches @ Global Wars UK? Would you consider to host Daryl Takahashi's debut match in the future? #AskRevPro

@RevProUK: Not at Global Wars UK & Daryl could well walk into RevPro as the most popular member of the roster so that certainly works in his favour



@LordGideonGrey asked: Who do you think is the greatest wrestler named Lord Gideon Grey in Rev Pro?

@RevProUK: Lord Gideon Grey


@SockMonkeyMike asked: British wrestling better than Cruiserweight wrestling? #AskRevPro

@RevProUK: A lot of British Wrestling is cruiserweight wrestling. Don't like that 'cruiserweight' has become a dirty term.



@dylan_m129023 asked: Can we get CCK on the global wars or uprising meet and greet please?

@RevProUK: Yes, Uprising is most likely. Global Wars M&G will be kinda busy!


@ProFightsInfo asked: What's the toughest part about booking talent for a show and how long before do you start the process?! #AskRevPro

@RevProUK: There's so much talent now that our biggest problem is having space to showcase everyone to best of their abilities. Nice problem to have.



@dylan_m129023 asked: Can you confirm there will be a British j cup this year?

@RevProUK: We can confirm it will be an annual event


@99_LanceBallons asked: Can't wait to do my second annual GW show this year,did both nights last year, just n1 this year.Would you ever consider making it 3 nights?

@RevProUK: Maybe one day. But first week sell outs of 2 nights would be required to let us know there's a demand for a 3rd.



@DaleGravell asked: When will the rest of the Cardiff card be announced? #AskRevPro

@RevProUK: Expect a few more matches to be announced next week


@SJSutton5150 asked: #AskRevPro If you can design an points system to determine the next contenders to either RPW Championships what would it be called

@RevProUK: The contenders points system to determine the next contender to the RPW _____ Championship



@IfollowWWE asked: Any chance of a Revpro vs Progress card in the future #AskRevPro

@RevProUK: Covered this before. Too much crossover in roster (and we don't want to be heels)


@Nick_8_Vita asked: would you consider to add stipulations to some #GlobalWarsUk matches? (2 out od 3 Falls, no holds barred... ) #AskRevPro

@RevProUK: Not for the sake of it but if the situation was needed. Yes.



@GIF_Trigger asked: Favourite thing about a roast dinner? #AskRevPro

@RevProUK: Yorkshire pudding caked in gravy


@99_LanceBallons asked: #AskRevPro with the new on demand partnership, do you have a favorite OTT match or show? I was at WrestleRama 4 my 1st OTT show

@RevProUK: Not a specific show, but love the atmosphere at Tivoli.



@Ben10Wrestling asked: when will tickets for Portsmouth October 23 show be in sale?

@RevProUK: We’ll let you know exactly when next week!


@99_LanceBallons asked: #AskRevPro Unless I'm mistaken you've talked before about introducing a women's belt. Do you have any UK standouts in mind for it?

@RevProUK: We can say it will definitely happen in 2018 & there are plenty of potential names from around the world who could be competing for it.


@MikeKilby asked: What are your plates and bowls like? i.e. flower patterns, plain etc #AskRevPro

@RevProUK: White with a pretty green pattern around the side. They're quite something.



@CiaranRH asked: Is Kid Lykos expected to be recovered for Uprising? Or will he be replaced in the Bullet Club vs CCK match?

@RevProUK: Tentative return is Oct 22nd Leamington show. It may or may not happen. BUT he'll still be present at shows & will 100% be good for Uprising



@Mushed99 asked: Any chance of a show at Wembley arena in 2018? #AskRevPro

@RevProUK: Not from us. But bigger capacity venues certainly aren't out the question.


@KillerSteveW asked: Any chance of a revpro/OTT super show at any point in the future?

@RevProUK: Think it's more likely we could see OTT stars in RevPro as regulars & vice versa. Exposing their guys to our VOD audience is a good start.


@dylan_m129023 asked: Did you see Ryan smile's tweet about wanting to wrestle ricochet and Austin Aries?

@RevProUK: Yes


@HashtagWrest asked: Do you have dates set yet for The Cockpit shows in 2018?

@RevProUK: Looking like 1st Sunday of the month again. Full confirmation should be had in next week at which point we'll release season ticket info


@AchinglyChic asked: Any chance of getting Kota Ibushi to London? #AskRevPro

@RevProUK: Always a chance of any talents coming in in the future.



@AllHailHavoc asked: Any chance of bringing Dunne back to the Cockpit or York Hall? #AskRevPro

@RevProUK: Would love to welcome him back as a regular. One offs unlikely.



@dannymc_xx asked: would you even come to Newcastle to do a show ??

@RevProUK: We would come anywhere that wants us!


@KonyChimel asked: What's your personal favourite brand of paper towels? #AskRevPro

@RevProUK: Literally no opinion. Will go for whatever's cheapest per whatever it's measured in and have no shame about doing so.



@Twwitterdotcom asked: If you ran a show ala Global Wars but with Mexico/CMLL guys, who would be considered?

@RevProUK: So many great guys Dragon Lee & Rush maybe top of the list



@RobbieRadford asked: What're your ambitions for 2017?

@RevProUK: Well 2017 is nearly over and we're pretty happy with the year we've had. 2018? Growth. More shows, more areas & more fans!


@_JamesVickers asked: Favourite York hall show that you've put on? And why? #AskRevPro

@RevProUK: Always the next one. Because we're constantly trying to better ourselves & that's exciting.


@Lewrl1 asked: How'd the deal with OTT come about?

@RevProUK: Two likeminded companies with similar goals & vision. We've been working together for a while now and this is just the next logical step.


@UKWrestlingTom asked: are we going to see some NJPW stars we havent seen much/before for Global Wars? #AskRevPro cant wait for the show!

@RevProUK: Yes. We always do our best to bring a good balance of names.



@ArmbarVillain asked: Will there be a high Stakes in January?

@RevProUK: Yes. No exact date yet, but High Stakes will be the first big capacity show of the year.