Published Thursday, 12th October 2017

Relaxed Facebook Q&A


We're constantly looking for ways to interact with you. Our Twitter Q&A's are very popular although limited to 140 character replies. We also recognise not everyone uses Twitter. So we offered a relaxed Q&A on Facebook, find the results below!


Michael Lungley asked:  In the last Q&A (or maybe the one before) you mentioned wrestling "training" of a non-in ring variety. Do you have any more details of what that consists of?


Revolution Pro Wrestling answered:

We will be doing a seminar soon where people will be invited to bring CV's, ideas & ask questions. It will be a 'starting point'. From there we will start a number of specialised classes for exceptional people (e.g. Those who are already accomplished in their field we may take them on straight away. 
We will also be holding a referee specific seminar in December.


James Higgins asked:

 Will night 2 be as stacked as night 1 at global wars? Really hope to see Naito and others on there


Revolution Pro Wrestling answered:

 The New Japan names on both nights will be the same. The cards are both stacked and will be must sees.


James Higgins responded with: Revolution Pro Wrestling get it in... buzzing to see Suzuki and Naito... potentially get to see them 1 on 1