Published Thursday, 26th October 2017

Twitter Q&A 20/10/17

We had a spare hour on Friday so we decided to do a Q&A once again with our lovely Twitter followers, find out what they wanted to know and what we had to say right here!


@BrokenLeBrownie asked: Is there any chance of Neville/PAC coming to RevPro since he supposedly walked out of WWE?

@RevProUK replied: Obviously if he were to become available we would love to use him as would every wrestling organisation in the world with half a brain.


@The_Rattenbury asked: thoughts on EVE running a show in York Hall?

@RevProUK replied: Would have been nice to have been asked our thoughts about it by them first.


@MichaelLungley asked: Has the topic of a crossover show in Japan ever come up with NJPW or are they more focused on sending their guys over to the UK?

@RevProUk replied: Maybe something for future we’re focused on continuing to grow our relationship & helping spread the good word of NJPW to the UK market.


@TheGreatDave asked: is everything announced for global wars

@RevProUK replied: no


@ashboy123 asked: Do you any training courses like a referee course?

@RevPRoUK replied: We have a referee course happening at our Portsmouth School of Wrestling Dec ½ message @BoySimmonz for info


@Scope_wrestling asked: Any chance of an American show w/in the coming year?

@RevProUK replied: NEW ORLEANS, April, BE THERE!


@JackMillsRevPRo asked: Will No Fun Dunne be on more shows?

@RevProUK replied: Yes. According to Lord Gideon Grey he is now officially recognised as a member of the Legion of Lords


@ArmbarVillian asked: Favourite import you’ve ever booked?

@RevProUK replied: Bret Hart, Kurt Angle, Rey Mysterio all absolute pleasures to be around and deal with.  As far as consistently in ring Katsuyori Shibata


@Nicktendo128 asked: How excited are you for the NOLA show? Will there be some great matchups?

@RevProUK replied: Super excite as in actually can’t wait! Fans in Orlando were so great last year & we’re hoping for more of the same in NOLA and of course there will be some great matches. That’s kind of our thing.


@JPJipeee asked: Any chance of the U.K young lions going to NJPW? Won’t lie, want to see Chapman vs Kitamura

@RevProUK replied: That would be good wouldn’t it… maybe not for Kurtis


@ashboy123 asked: will there be a woman’s belt in the near future? Please try to book @CandiceLeRae

@RevProUK replied: Yes there will be.

@Ashboy123 asked: Do you know when?

@RevProUK replied: Yes.


@Nick_8_Vita asked: will YTR sell RPW’s DVD too @ Global Wars UK? It may be too much to handle!!

@RevProUK replied: We could use some of his salesmanship on our table!


@JackMillsRevPro asked: Will Leamington show go OnDemand

@RevProUK replied: Yes


@djgrantrichards asked: Did Van Vader have a food rider? If so what was on it??

@RevProUK replied: Everything


@LewboCarrick asked: You coming back to Cardiff??

@RevProUk replied: Yes!


@IWPVikingBeard asked: If you could nominate any wrestler for a hall of fame induction who would it be?

@RevProUK replied: Bret Hart for making wrestling real


@bharvz14 asked: in your opinion the best match in Rev Pro ever?

@RevProUK replied: Sydal vs Ospreay 2 Out of 3 Falls, Summer Sizzler 2015 is a personal favourite.


@xIGOBERNABLESx asked: are the metal beams really supporting anything or is it for the look of the show?

@RevProUK replied: What metal beams? If you’re asking about the lighting rig the answer is yes, they provide structural integrity.


@madforret asked: @Janelababy said he is UK all of November so can we please have him at the cockpit show?

@RevProUK replied: SURE! (was that just an announcement)


@JackMillsRevPro asked: will any Portsmouth or Cockpit shows ever get a DVD release, like a “Best of” DVD on the previous shows and events

@RevProUK replied: Not as full events but potentially best of’s depending on how the DVD market holds out.


@IrishWrestling2 asked: Any chance of seeing more OTT stars appearing at your shows soon?

@RevProUK replied: Yep


@mattextreme asked: where can you purchase digital copied of your events?

@RevProUK replied: is for streaming if you want download there’s VIMEO service which we are working on updating


@billicon87 asked: Is there a plan to bring Pentagon and Fenix to RevPro in the near future?

@RevProUK replied: No set plan. But we always have space for the best wrestlers in the world and think it’s safe to say they fall into that category.


@burtmacklin316 asked now that you have OTT shows on demand, any chance of seeing Angel Cruz or anyone else on a RevPro Show?

@RevProUK replied: This is a great way to introduce our fans to OTT stars and we certainly would love to showcase some in 2018


@NateSuelmann97 asked: when do tickets go on sale for the New Orleans Show??

@RevProUK replied: Soon. We’ll let you all know exact details next week


@SJSutton5150 asked: Will next year see more events streamed live or will it be just cockpit still ?

@RevProUK replied: We are still learning the technology. It will be just the cockpit for now but you can expect to see more live shows in 2018


@bennyowens asked: Who do you think will have a breakout year in 2018?

@RevProUK replied: So many guys have the potential to make 2018 their year. Kurtis Chapman, Mark Davis & El Phantasmo would be strong favourites.


@GolazoDan asked: What is your opinion of the Mario Party series, a force for good or evil? Thanks in advance!

@RevProUK replied: Never played a single second of it so no comment


@barker316 asked: What’s your favourite biscuit?

@RevProUK replied: Custard Cream dunked in Tea.


 @SmarkInfested asked: Will you be giving El Desperado the rubber band he so desperately wants?

@RevProUK replied: we will direct him to (had to throw in a cheeky plug there!) Yes, we will!


@Dragonzigg asked: with most of the major Bullet Club members confirmed for Uprising, any chance of Kenny?

@RevProUK replied: Not for Uprising. In the future sure.


@BrokenLeBrownie asked: Are you planning on doing shows outside the UK soon?

@RevProUK replied: We’re in New Orleans in April & we would happily come anywhere there’s a demand!


@SamTheCaptain_ Can’t make this Sunday unfortunately, but will you be doing more shows in Leamington/Midlands in the future?

@RevProUK replied: If Sunday goes well… so get your mates to come!



@GaryDodds_ asked: any chance of more bullet club member this year?

@RevProUK replied: There’s not much of this year left


@GeorgeBassUK asked: What’s the hardest part of running a wrestling company?

@RevProUK replied: Pleasing everyone. It’s just not possible.



@WholeShow asked: When we will find out the last NJPW guy and when will the meet and greet details for GW be announced? Thanks guys

@RevProUK replied: Early next week



@aw_turner asked: Any more to be announced for Monday’s Portsmouth show?

@RevProUK replied: 1 to go


@Iwanmack asked: Shag, Marry, Kill: Ishii, Okada, Naito

@RevProUK replied: Marry all of them


@GranirJacka asked: any reason we haven’t seen Pete Dunne at Rev Pro in a while?

@RevProUK replied: No


@Iwanmack asked: When will matches for the next cockpit show be announced?

@RevProUK replied: Next week we’ll announce pretty much the full card



@MisterJoshDude asked: Any particular reason we haven’t seen Tanahashi or Okada come over for a couple of years? Can we expect to see them sometime soon?

@RevPro replied: No.Yes.



@eazzz90 asked: Will Yano be at night 1 of global wars & you was right about the cockpit show really enjoyed it next one booked, season ticket seems likely

@RevProUK replied: Yes, all New Japan talents will be on both nights. Glad you enjoyed it. Season tickets are a must for value & we won’t let you down on quality!


@ZeroSHEARER asked: Going to assume the Global Wars meet n greet passes will be on sale fairly soon after final announcements? Paid next week! :D #AskRevPro

@RevProUK: You assume correctly



@paradise1966 asked: When will you announce the meet and greet details for global wars?

@RevProUK replied: Early Next Week


@PhilJones77 asked: Was last Sunday’s show in Cardiff or London?!

@RevProUK replied: We can confirm it was definitely in Cardiff