Published Thursday, 9th November 2017

Global Wars 2017 Twitter Q&A

With so many exciting new things announced and Global Wars 2017 being upon us we did an impromptu Twitter Q&A. Find out everything you need to know about Global Wars 2017 and more right here!


@JDsToyShow asked: Confirmed matches for 3/12/17?


@RevProUK replied: Zero. There are zero confirmed matches right now. Of course that will change soon.


@HeltzSkeltz asked: Is there a chance other than the Meet and Great to meet other wrestlers on the show before the show?


@RevProUK replied: Yes it is possible that there will be other wrestlers out prior to the show. No promises on exact names though.



@Simonodocopp asked: Are you going to be relaxing the no recording rule for Suzuki’s entrance at all?


@RevProUK replied: We've always been happy for people to record small clips. We just don't want anyone taking the piss & recording full matches. It's also much more fun watching a show through your eyes than the eyes of a phone.



@NKKKool1 asked: Any chance of announcing some Uprising matches?


@RevProUK replied: Lets get Global Wars out the way first and then we'll get some more matches announced.



@SMKD1984 asked: Does Ibushi have to sign full time with NJPW to wrestle for RePro?


@RevProUK replied: No



@iwos_moritz asked: Will there be enough time to meet everyone in the Meet and Great if I have a single photo op with everybody?


@RevProUK replied: Absolutely



@bklein85 asked: will you guys be selling Programmes tomorrow?


@RevProUK replied: Yes we will!



@TheGreatDave asked: Have the full cards for both dates been announced now?


@RevProUK replied: Yes. We'll put up full card graphics in a bit so you can see how wonderful they are.




 @cpbrdthewrdrbe asked: Is there a second bar at Walthamstow now?


@RevProUK replied: Yes. We have worked very hard to make the venue a happier place for everyone & been told there will be a 2nd bar, more card machines & plastic bottles meaning not every drink needs to be poured into a glass resulting in a quicker service!



@themib asked: Is Yano bringing DVDs over?


@RevProUK replied: Honestly don't know the answer to that. But he doesn't normally miss an opportunity to try and shift some units so the odds are looking good.



@GoodNaito asked: Will there be Suzuki Gun tshirts on sale tomorrow?


@RevProUK replied: Not sure what merch the wrestlers will have with them at the meet and greets.



@iwos_moritz asked: Where is the entrance for Meet and Great tomorrow? (York Hall)


@RevProUK replied: Events entrance. Next to main doors.



@TonyTimes2 asked: Why didn’t you book CCK vs LIJ you madman?


@RevProUK replied: We have 3 x CCK members and 2 x LIJ members. Maths did not work out.



@Dev_117tv asked: was just wondering if we can purchase Meet and Greats at the venue tomorrow?


@RevProUK replied: Yes. But can't stress enough how much easier it is for everyone if you purchase in advance



@DylanShah asked: Any more information on the women’s tournament for the Rev Pro womens title will it be a weekender tournament?


@RevProUK replied: Yes. Jan 6th & 7th Live At The London Cockpit. 8 woman tournament. 1st Entrant is Jinny There's a brand new shiny championship belt on its way to us We'll release a limited amount of tickets next week Full allocation of tickets will be released at end of season ticket sales



@AJG_BC asked: Who would you most like to see debut in NJPW in 2018?


@RevProUK replied: Ask us that question after Global Wars UK. Let's see who makes a name for themselves.



@DJDIaz88 asked: Will Marty be at Night 2?


@RevProUK replied: No, only night 1



@copey33 asked: Would you ever consider unsigned UK bands as part of your live events?


@RevProUK replied: Sure. Why not!


@HearnyBayBay asked: Any chance of more of a focus on the Tag division at York Hall shows? Cockpit does a good job with it admittedly


@RevProUK replied: Yes. Rome wasn't built in a day but one goal this year was to rebuild our tag division & turn it into something that could main event any show. We believe we have done that and you will see more evidence of that on all our shows including York Hall shows next year.



@TubbyTaylorJr asked: Now that @Thomas_Latimer is not under contract any chance of seeing him at Rev Pro?


@RevProUK replied: We like Bram a lot & there will always be a chance of him showing up


@AqeelKhalid replied: I respect you want speak too publically on this but please consider his past may make some feel uncomfortable


@RevProUk replied: Please put this to bed and consider how he was cleared of all charges and allow a man to make a living.


@AqeelKhalid replied: I don't begrudge someone making money, I am uncomfortable with my money going to that person. And we both know cleared of charges doesn't mean nothing happened, but that's a whole other conversation.


@RevProUK Replied: We respect your opinion. You're entitled to it as are we ours & just hope that neither of us find ourselves in a position where we're wrongly accused of something. Judging if someones innocent or guilty isn't our job & all we can do is stand by facts & have faith in legal system



@Alex_Lavorico asked: Are you doing another British J Cup next year?


@RevProUK replied: Yes



@SipsyJP asked: Will Walthamstow going to be as hot as it was for British J Cup?


@RevProUK replied: Given that that was slap bang in the middle of summer, we're going to say no.

@SockMonkeyMike asked: This may be the longest question ever, so I apologize Rev Pro! Where do you see #BritishWrestling in the next upcoming years? Will it rise and reach a bigger audience or will it stay at its current position?



@RevProUK replied: Personally believe talent depth has never been deeper. We're nowhere near our peak & it has the potential to be huge. For that to happen it will require a lot of pieces to fall into the right place & a lot of hard work. We're in it for the long term and believe we can achieve



@J1dawgg asked: How long will the wait be for the shows to go ondemand?


@RevProUK replied: We’ll try to get them up within 48hours



@iwos_moritz asked: is there anyway to give in coats/bags into some kind of cloakroom/wardrobe?


@RevProUK replied: No we don’t have a cloakroom we’re afraid



@Mushed99 asked: what is the main event for tomorrow night?


@RevProUK replied: Suzuki Gun (Sabre/Suzki) Vs CHAOS (Ospreay/Goto)



@Spenii_ asked: will you be selling Global Wars 2017 shirts at the events?


@RevProUk replied: Yes but we only have a very very small amount left & they will likely sell out very quickly