Published Wednesday, 29th November 2017

November 29th Twitter Q&A

As we are approaching an exciting end to 2017 and an even more exciting looking 2018 we thought it was perfect time for our monthly Q&A


@Jon_Wrestling asked: Would you consider giving early access to Season Ticket holders for York Hall level shows as an added incentive to purchase Season Tickets?

@RevProUK replied Probably not on the basis we don’t want to create an exclusive boys & girls club. We believe our London Cockpit season ticket gives GREAT value & like that anyone who can spell their email address gets a chance at the best seats at York Hall.


@LSV1995 asked: Will Global Wars 2017 be on DVD too?

@RevProUK repliedYes it’s up for pre-order now. We’re hoping to have it back for Christmas if not it will be soon after!


@Dunlop_145 asked: will we ever see a RevPro 6 man tag titles?

@RevProUK replied: Probably not


@alechawley1 asked: What are the chances of seeing Ricochet at York Hall next year?

@RevProUK replied:  Who knows!?


@HearnyBayBay asked: Are you aiming to have a women’s match on all/most York Hall shows moving forward?

@RevProUK No specific aim at all. They will be treated the same as any other matches.


@UKWrestlingTom asked: Do you think we will see Vader back in a RevPro ring?

@RevProUK replied: Probably not.


@paulmartinovic asked: When can we next expect to see Keith Lee in a RevPro ring?

@RevProUK replied Soon we hope!


@HeelNickPayne asked: Do you offer a York Hall season ticket?

@RevProUK replied: No as we think it’s unfair to offer a season ticket based on dates which may change


@HearnyBayBay asked: Is the heavyweight title considered “openweight”. Im assuming yes as Ospreay has challenged for it and held the Cruiserweight title. Would like to see Josh Bodom challenge for that in years to come.

@RevProUK replied: Yes if guys want to move up in weight class they are more than welcome to come and give it a go!

@billicon87 asked: Are we gonna see Penta or Fenix in a RevPro ring in 2018?

@RevProUK replied: Probably


 @Burakiosaurus asked: When is Tama Tonga coming over to York Hall? Also, any plans for some Best of DVDs?

@RevProUK replied Who knows. Re: Best of DVDs if there’s enough demand it’s certainly something we could do.


@TonyTimes2 asked: Can you book Aussie Open in an Ashes Rules match? Also can you think up what an Ashes Rules match would entail?

@RevProUK replied: A long drawn out contest that inevitably results in England losing?


@SamColl84375843 asked: any plans to come back to Leamington Spa?

@RevProUK replied: Working on 2018 schedule as we speak!


@LordGideonGrey asked: Have CCK forfeited for Sunday? If not, will the LoL be given enough notice to prepare for the change to the match? Is the conspiracy against us ever going to end??

@RevProUK replied: Don’t worry you are still very much in for a fight on Sunday


@djlogansama asked: which import has surprised you the most since coming in and performing at RPW?

@RevProUK replied: Rather than go for an easy/obvious answer I’m going to say David Starr who was a virtual unknown just hungry for an opportunity who has made himself a regular just killing it every time.


@Alechawley1 asked: Any plans to improve production going forward?

@RevProUK replied: Yes. Always


@LewthePooWHU asked: will we see Pete Dunne anytime soon?

@RevProUK replied: We get asked this question a lot. The door is Certainly open if schedules line up.


 @SAJB96 asked: Can you ask Suzuki to bring me a Suzuki Gun tracksuit?

@RevProUK replied: Just asked. He said no, Sorry.


@HearnyBayBay asked: Any chance we get to see Bodom/Gibson AND Aussie Open at York Hall next week? Think Open deserve a York Hall showcase, regardless of the result of the Cockpit Match…

@RevProUK replied: Who knows, but there’s no denying the Aussies have made the most of an opportunity and are certainly making their mark!


@Michael41082077 asked: Will you be coming back to Cardiff?

@RevProUK replied: Yes. Currently organising 2018 schedule & we would love to.


@HEELMatty asked: British J Cup will be an annual event?

@RevProUK replied: Yes. We’re currently looking at scheduling for it as we speak… It’s possibly it could move to a little later in the year to make space for something else that’s just as exciting in July…


 @HearnyBayBay asked: Randomly thought about that 6 man tag at the Cockpit this year. Noir/Malik/Draven vs Dunn/Contenders. Do you think any of those wrestlers have potential to be seen again? Apart from Wall/Chapman obviously…

@RevProUK replied: There’s a lot of potential in all of them so I’m sure we’ll see them again


@LewThePooWHU asked: Who would win a fight between 1 Minoru Suzuki or 5 Andy Qs?

@RevProUK replied: 1 Minoru Suzuki


@AMGarvey asked: Any Plans to return to the Midlands in 2018? Live in Leamington was a fantastic show.

@RevProUK replied: Yes, we are currently working very hard in finalising our 2018 schedule so watch this space


@LewThePooWHU asked: What about 1 Minoru Suzuki vs 5 Andy Q’s and 5 Chris Roberts’

@RevProUK: Even less chance


@dd598765 asked: Any chance of more ROH title matches in the future?

@RevProUK replied: We’ll see how this one goes, but yes I think it’s great that we can host a championship match the same way NE Japan hosted 2 British Championship matches this year. Positive for wrestling fans & the prestige of the respective championships


@UKWrestlingTom asked: one legend v one current day. Who would it be in your match?

@RevProUK replied: Johnny Saint vs the current, ruthless, Suzuki Gun Zack Sabre Jr


@KillerSteveW asked: With the current relationship between Rev Pro and OTT could we possibly see OTT title defences in RevPro or RevPro title defences in OTT?

@RevProUK replied: Absolutely a possibility. Always open to exploring new ways to work with our pals and get new eyeballs on products


@LewThePooWHU asked: How about 5 Chris Roberts vs 1 Andy Q?

@RevProUK replied: Based on the formers amazing ability to be easily distracted, 1 Andy Q