Published Monday, 5th February 2018

Twitter Q&A 02/02/2018

@Gif_Trigger asked: Thoughts of Almas vs Gargano? #AskRevPro

@RevProUK: Haven’t watched it yet :-O


@JuicyPatLucey asked: The lineup for your Mania weekend event is crazy good at the moment? Should we be expecting anymore NJPW-affiliated talent to be announced for the show?

@RevProUK: It is isn’t it… Probably!



@Burakiosaurus asked: Will we ever see Taichi grace the hallowed boards of York Hall?

@RevProUK: Suzuki Gun have made it clear they plan on taking over... so guess that makes it entirely possible



@HarryHatter1 asked: is Epic Encounter the next Walthamstow/York Hall show or is there one in between?

 @RevProUK: Yes. But don't forget we're in London EVERY month at the Cockpit plus big shows in Portsmouth Guildhall, New Orleans & Southampton & if you can't make it to these shows you can catch it all on 



@KaoruSHIKI asked: Is there a chance you might invite Naito before Global Wars? #AskRevPro

 @RevProUK: Always a chance.



@JackMillsRevPro asked: Will Minoru Suzuki be a more frequent RevPro roster member since he and ZSJ are Tag Team Champs ?

 @RevProUK: Well they will be required to defend the belts so you can certainly be expecting to see more of him.



@bj_sph asked: are there no other York Hall shows planned between now and May 11? #AskRevPro

@RevProUK: We just answered that.... no, but there's TONS of good stuff between now and then.



@MrLARIATO asked: Any chance of a #NJPW young lion come on excursion to the UK again? Would be cool seeing Kitamura in person!

@RevProUK: Possibly. It's certainly something we would be interested in.



@DaleGravell asked: Can epic encounter get any more epic? #IshiivLee2 #Thankyou #AskRevPro

@RevProUK: Yes.



@SockMonkeyMike asled: Do you ever think WrestleMania will be in the UK? Probably not a question regarding RevPro but I am still curious of what you guys think since this has been talked about a lot! #AskRevPro

@RevProUK: Probably not. It would be great though.



@Seanadt asked: will sundays show be live

@RevProUK: No. It will be up within 48 hours



@KillerSteveW asked: Is there any chance of seeing Jordan Devlin in a Rev pro ring this year?

@RevProUK:  Yes.



@xINGOBERNABLESx asked: When will NOLA match ups begin announcing?

@RevProUK: In a couple of weeks



@BennyOwens asked: If the Southampton show is a success will you be making it a regular stop? #AskRevPro

@RevProUK: Yes we are looking at a further 6 events in 2018 so if you want more support it and spread the word!



@ZedBlack asked: will you be announcing the card for NOLA soon? #AskRevPro

@RevProUK:  Few more talent announcements then we'll start releasing matches


@BushyBy01 asked: did you watch 5star? Any thoughts? #AskRevPro

@RevProUK: 3 hours a week, perhaps overly ambitious. It's not the product we would have presented but we don't have TV and they do. Good on them for getting that deal done. Hope it improves. If they are smart they will be listening to feedback & learning.



@Burakiosaurus asked: Will we ever see Liger in a Rev Pro ring again? Current British Junior Cup holder surely has to come back to defend it right.....?

@RevProUK: Always one of our most popular imports, we're sure he'll be back!



@Seanadt asked: will @HulkHogan ever make it to york hall?

@RevProUK: We’d need a bigger building than that!!!


@WrestlingRoyal1 asked: would you ever come further north with your shows? Like Newcastle... #AskRevPro

@RevProUK: We would ultimately like to be everywhere! We are actively running more shows and looking to add more to the schedule, we'll nudge our way further up the country but the only way people can ensure we keep doing it is by supporting these moves!



@FlexBuffChest42 asked: Any news on summer sizzler, date, venue, working with other promotions?

@RevProUK: Nothing at the moment aside from the plan is York Hall.



@ECCW asked: Gotta make that @elpwrestling defend that glorious ECCW Championship soon

@RevProUK: We could certainly have that conversation!


@PoisonApple32 asked: Any chance of a show in Reading this year? I know you had trouble getting dates at Rivermead last year, but is there any hope for something this year? #AskRevPro

@RevProUK: We hope so.



@Seanadt asked: will Tomohiro Ishii ever get a shot at the British title

@RevProUK: He certainly has a very strong case for a CHAMPIONSHIP OPPORTUNITY.


@AMetalPirate asked: how does your merch deal work with njpw and can we more merch from njpw from wrestlers who dont come to rev pro like goto or just whats popular? #AskRevPro

@RevProUK: Goto was here twice last year! We are aiming to stock everything and hope that shows with the diversity of stuff we have out at the moment. There's plenty more stuff in the pipeline. If you want anything let us know!



@Seanadt asked: would Revpro and @ThisIs_Progress ever do a super joint show

@RevProUK: Not likely. There wouldn't be much point given the cross over of UK based talent.



@BushBy01 asked: would you accept a tv deal if it meant fronting all the costs for production/venue/talent etc #AskRevPro

@RevProUK: A) It depends how much the TV station is paying for the product Vs how much it would cost to produce B) Would having a TV deal enhance the overall business (eg. merch sales, attendance)



@djlogansama asked: with the success of 'webisodes' like BTE and of course the WWE exclusive youtube skits, have you looked in to expanding your production to create more vignettes and skits to promote storylines and events via YouTube?

@RevProUK: If you look back at the YouTube Channel you can see that since day one we've understood the importance of this stuff. Unfortunately as the business has grown decisions have had to be made as to where time is best spent (& sometimes it's not even a choice)... It is definitely something we want to concentrate on as we look to expand the team and business in general. Very much a case of one step at a time. In a perfect world there's TONS more stuff we'd do. 2/2


@eazzz90 asked: Great surprise for epic encounter can't wait for it, will we see Suzuki back over and how many shows do you do in Portsmouth

@RevProUK: We don't do talent announcements in Q&A's so you'll have to wait and see. We run 4 big shows per year at Portsmouth Guildhall plus 2 larger scale contender Shows at Mountbatten Centre then regular smaller contender shows at Buckland Community Centre


@ZeroSHEARER asked: I know we just got the LIJ caps, and yes I've ordered one of course But any chance we'll get the Naito (Red version of it too?) Sorry for so many NJPW questions I just love your support for them :)

@RevProUK: Yes



@BenCarass asked: If Yano ever comes back, can you please ask him to bring loads of DVDs?

 @RevProUK: Well pass on the message!



@TomHallam83 asked: any chance of seeing Kenny Omega or Okada in a Rev Pro ring this year? 

@RevProUK: Hopefully


@Seanadt asked: Is the British title held by ZSJ the most important championship in all the UK? I always thought so

@RevProUK: Yes



@Markp_Pancott asked: Why was the bully ray match not online to watch from last year or on the dvd? But had his entrance on fb live.

@RevProUK: Long Story. Short version is, we didn’t want to watch it again.



@RHewer81 asked: Walthamstow show anytime this year?

 @RevProUK: Probably, we don’t have any dates yet.


@Lemsipppp asked: Where do you stand on the branding of & use of socio-political issues in British Wrestling? It feels like this is happening far too much & is detracting from wrestling itself. It is refreshing that Rev Pro has remained neutral so far.

@RevProUK: You've answered it in your last sentence.