Published Wednesday, 21st March 2018

Twitter Q&A 21/03/18

All the burning need to know questions leading up to April’s Cockpit and NOLA get answered in this Twitter Q&A from 20th March 2018!


Keep reading to find out what everyone was talking about!


@TheFrayMovement asked: Do you ever get real emotional about the SPORT of professional wrestling like I do? Maybe shed the occasional tear over how beautiful it is? #AskRevPro


@RevProUK replied: Absolutely. There’s nothing more beautiful than Pro Wrestling done right.  


@VillinskiKonjic asked: How’s your day going?


@RevProUK Replied: Not too bad. Little bit monotonous if anything which is why we’re breaking it up with a chat with you guys and girls & hoping for some interesting questions!


@Themib asked: How did you feel about some of the blowback you got from some fans about ZSJ/Ishii being in New Orleans instead of York Hall? I understand the business opportunities that come from doing that match there. #AskRevPro


@RevProUK replied: Understand the frustration but sad that some don’t see the necessity of growth & the benefits it will have for every fan of RevPro


@SockMonkeyMike asked: where do you stand on independent pro wrestling becoming more popular now than it ever did say five or six years ago?


@RevProUK replied: Indy wrestling & more specifically people doing it well is the main benefactor of this wonderful new age we live in. It can only continue to get bigger and stronger as people continue to learn. Those that continue with the 'that will do' attitude will continue to get left behind.


@SteveAFC10 asked: will Marty Scrull be at the next York Hall show?


@RevProUK replied: No


@Daniel_Rogers_3 asked: Any update on the meet and greet for epic encounters and how much it will cost ?


@RevProUK replied: It will be the same price as every meet & greet. £5 entry. £15 per combo. We'll release info and tickets start of April


@LightnLariat asked: My question is rather plain, but I need to know. Will there be a meet and greet for Epic Encounter? If so where and when. Thanks.


@RevProUK replied: Yes, at York Hall if you want a clue as to full info just look at any of our previous M&G's. Tickets & info out start of April


@Burakiosaurus asked: Do you think fans have become too powerful through the use of social media, in dictating to companies what they would and would not like to see on shows?#AskRevPro


@RevPro asked: Well thats down to the promoter. Fans have always had a voice & it's important they are heard. We'll always do our best to try and please fans which is why we love feedback and will never judge opinion. Ultimately its the manager not the fans that pick the team.



@KingKicks asked: So...Okada was looking at Minoru Suzuki’s RPW Tag Title the other day...any chance Okada and a fellow CHAOS member could challenge the winner of Suzuki-Gun/CCK?



@RevProUK asked: Always a chance. We want our tag team division to be the most competitive in the world featuring the best in the world. Under those guidelines alone it would make sense



@Target_Fans_UK asked: Are their any Brits you guys would like to have on your shows that you haven't yet?



@RevProUK replied: Not really. We are always looking at and evaluating new talent and if someone jumps out to us we'll give them an opportunity!


@marpp_Pancott asked: What did you think of tna / impacts latest question of who they should team up with in europe. Would there be any interest? My view is they need you more than you need them. Also will the black and red snapbacks be back?


@RevProUK replied: Always open to discussion and always open to do good business when it makes sense. If they want to talk to us they know where we are. And funny you should mention that I was just talking about them... ask @ShopRevPro and hopefully they will make your wish come true!



@TonyTimes2 asked: Kevin Pietersen retired from cricket and is looking for new opportunities, thought about scouting him for a career in the graps?


@RevProUK replied: We’d let him be our Ronda Rousey (for a lot less money)


@pw_daggerz asked: Any rough dates for J Cup and Summer Sizzler?


@RevProUK replied: Working on them. Likely have a better idea mid-April


@BennyOwens asked: Lots of new faces on your shows recently which is great. Who have you been most impressed with?


@RevProUK replied: Los Federales Santos Jr! Sierra Loxton & Jamie Hayter smashed it out the park in Southampton, Team White Wolf have shown a lot of potential & looking forward to seeing more from Jordan Devlin!


@DylanShah asked: what are the chances of European talent such as Walter Jurn Simmons and Lucky Kid appearing in Rev Pro?


@RevProUK replied: We are always looking for opportunities to strengthen our roster so always a chance if the stars align re: availabilities, openings


@pw_daggerz asked: any specific reason other than his rise in popularity elsewhere why Marty is basically never at RevPro anymore?


@RevProUK replied: Between his full time commitments with ROH & New Japan it hasn't even been physically possible to be at a show this year, he is a busy man!


@RoadToWM30 asked: Will there be another British J Cup this year?


@RevProUK replied: Yes


@SipsyJP asked: obviously you can’t run shows every night of the year, so what other companies do you think would be worth a try in 2018?


@RevProUK replied: We're working on it. Meanwhile @ATTACKWrestling present something totally different & if you fancy a Guinness & some world class wrestling check out @OTT_wrestling


@Plittlewood46 asked: Are you gonna start announcing matches for the cockpit on the 1st?


@RevProUK replied: We announced one a couple of days ago and yes more will follow.



@HSLewis asked: Would you be open to booking mixed gender matches? Would be very keen to see Chris Brookes vs Millie McKenzie in a RevPro ring!!


@RevProUK replied: No


@BSIncere asked: How did you feel about your first Southampton show?


@RevProUK replied: Had a lot of fun, good show all around and looking forward to being back April 22nd & making it a regular home!



@youell1986 asked: how is @ADSRyanSmile doing? I know he's received some hugely unfair criticism recently and not been around much. Be good to see him back soon as I think he's awesome


@RevProUK replied: Haven't heard from him in a while, hopefully good & will hopefully be able to focus on his in ring career in the near future.


@CrownUsKing asked: is there a meet and greet for your show in New Orleans?

@RevProUK replied: We will have meet and greets with New Japan talents at Wrestlecon. More info will be released soon I believe!


@juicypatlucey asked: Will there be any meet and greets with any of the talent before or during an intermission in NOLA, or are all the talent doing that stuff at the wrestlecon convention?


@RevProUk replied: NJPW guys will be at Wrestlecon doing signings for sure on Friday & Sunday. We're sure other talents will sign during intermission but time will be limited!


@pw_daggerz asked: do you view @ThisIs_Progress as direct competition?


@RevProUK replied: No. Indirect at best in the sense we are both in the same genre with some cross over fans. But ultimately we both help raise the profile of British Wrestling which helps everyone. Our main focus is on doing what we do to the best of our abilities.


@TheRedSeagull92 asked: what is the best match that ever graced a Rev Pro ring?


@RevProUK replied: When asked without thinking about it always say Will Ospreay Vs Matt Sydal, 2 Out of 3 Falls from Summer Sizzler 2015 for pure story & emotion. But there are literally soooo many more to choose from.


@BadNewsBert asked: any chance of @KennyOmegamanX coming over again soon?


@RevProUK replied: Hope so!


@TonyGunk77525 asked: Will you guys ever run a show near Chicago?


@RevProUK replied: Hope so!


@Lukespurs asked: Please could you change your ring colours to match wcw in 1992. This would make this middle aged man very happy.


@RevProUK replied: If we were to change the colours to any colours, these would be the colours.


@HEELMatty asked:  What do you think about PROGRESS?


@RevProUK replied: They care about what they do and that makes them OK by us! They know their core audience and have done a great job delivering for them consistently.



@bushby01 asked: is Andy Boy going be in NOLA? Or not worth the air fare?


@RevProUK replied: I think you know the answer to that question.


@LordGideonGrey asked: When are you releasing the promos of @TheProductDS? Also, did you really expect your pathetic ploy to break up the LoL to work? We're the greatest team going today.


@RevProUK replied:


@Nicktendo128 asked: Very excited for the show in NOLA. Who is Kota Ibushi facing?


@RevProUK replied: You’ll find out soon


@Garseys asked: considering the success of both the Contenders in RevPro and OTT, Would there be interest in an exchange of younger Talent?


@RevProUK replied: Watch this Space!


@Tubbytaylorjr asked: Love York hall and cockpit shows, can’t go to others due to distance love to see some rev pro action in Cambridge area !


@RevProUK: If you have some venue suggestions send them our way!


@Tubbytaylorjr asked: what’s the best crowd at a event since you stared doing events around the uk ? Mine has to be York halls pop for rey vs Scurll


@RevProUK replied: Without a doubt York Hall pop for Will Ospreay after winning BOSJ


@Whitniverse asked: How quickly will your NOLA show be online for us to watch in the UK?


@RevProUK replied: That all depends on our internet but we're aiming for within 48 hours or sooner. We'll keep you all updated regardless


@Mr_Be_Heat asked: Will you ever hold another event ‘Up North’?


@RevProUK replied: Will you ever hold another event ‘Up North’?


@elpwrestling asked: How many calories does @RefereeRoberts burn a show?


@RevProUK replied: A lot. But if you've seen his diet there would be no concern.


@miguel4nombres asked: Are you going to book A-Kid or Adam Chase again?


@RevProUK replied: Yes


@SteveFink82 asked: Will prices for NJPW talent at WrestleCon be posted in advance? Making a spreadsheet so I can budget :) Thanks for the time.


@RevProUK replied: Yes


@DanielEllisSFV asked: Is there any chance of Sierra Loxton returning anytime soon? She’s great!


@RevProUK replied: Absolutely


@Frankli8Carter asked: What non RevPro match are you most looking forward to at WrestleCon/MoreThanMania weekend?


@RevProUK replied: Mostly looking forward to see what crazy surprises wrestlecon supershow has in store this year!