Published Wednesday, 16th May 2018

Twitter Q&A 14/05/18

All the need to know questions leading up to Strong Style Evolved UK get answered in this Twitter Q&A from 14th May 2018!


Keep reading to find out what everyone was talking about!

@knavesTyler asked:  Will we see ishii defend his title at SSE?

@RevProUK:  That is a possibility, yes.


@Daniel_Rogers_3 asked:  When is the next York hall show ?

@RevProUK:  Will let you know hopefully next week... working on some cool stuff!


@Mushed99 asked : When is Summer Sizzler this year?

@RevProUK: In the summer, exact date TBA very soon


@zeroSHEARER asked: Just a quick one really, obviously it's way too early for names etc. But will there be a meet n greet with Okada at least at Milton Keynes?

@RevProUK : Yes with everyone.


@mann0_ asked: What's your favourite dinosaur?

@RevProUK: Triceratops


@BansiMusic asked: Would you ever bring a training school to London?

@RevProUK : No plan at the moment but wouldn’t rule out any expansion


@mattcastiel asked: Favourite Sittingbourne memory? TLC Thrillers vs LRDS?

@RevProUK: Cabana Vs Samuels British Heavyweight Championship Match


@Benthevillain asked: Will there be a meet and greet with Cody on the 29th, if so will it be in a secluded room like with ryback a couple years ago?

@RevProUK: Yes & no


@BansiMusic asked:  Will SSEuk be the best show revpro have produced to date?

@RevProUK:  We aim for every show we’re involved with to be the best to date


@themib asked: Will you... ahem... make available the interviews by a young man who might be named David?

@RevProUK:  There is no conspiracy. We said at the time we have someone working on media starting soon, that soon is now. So potentially soon, but we’ll see what takes priority


@R4F483N1T3Z asked: Will Uprising 2017 be released on DVD?

@RevProUK: Yes


@Paul5Tolley asked: Okada’s hungry... do you take him for a Pret, Greggs or Boots Meal Deal?

@RevProUK: Break the rules and go to Nando’s


@FoxWhittaker asked: Will you guys ever do a show in Yorkshire?

@RevProUK:  Hopefully one day. We’d like to run shows everywhere, but only if the demand is there!


@RealDukeHunter asked: What’s the best advice you can give for one of your trainees?

@RevProUK:  There is no substitute for hard work no matter what stage in your career you are.


@Guy_Incognito64 asked: Are you coming back to Leamington, or nearby anytime soon?

@RevProUK:  Yes we are actually... hopefully we’ll announce details this week


@SulliTheNoob asked: What was the best card you’ve put together in your opinion?

@RevProUK:  Really impossible to choose one, but if it’s any help we loved Friday’s Epic Encounter!


@2006Kean asked This is probably on the website somewhere but are the SSE shows evening shows? need to know if I can get home after Manchester

@RevProUK:  Yes they are


@LewthePooWHU asked : Who would in a shoot fight; Lykos, hornswaggle, or Andy Q?

@RevProUK: Andy Q


@egey21 asked: : When will we see the card for strong style evolved UK?

@RevProUK:  Before the events take place


@dylan_lee4 asked:  When will we see the return of programmes?

@RevProUK:  Hopefully soon... as with everything we have to prioritise our time. But programmes are something we’d ideally have for every show, just not always enough hours in the day especially as we try to grow in so many different other areas.


@TheManWith1MW1A asked Who's the future contender for Tomohiro Ishii's RevPro Title ? (Also how does it feel to be one of the best British wrestling promotion right now ?)

@RevProUK:  It feels lovely & right now I can think of a number of people who could walk into a title shot but would like to see some people go out there and earn it


@SaltyAaron asked: Have you ever open mouth kissed a horse?

@RevProUK:  No. That sounds not very nice and very probably illegal


@BansiMusic asked: Will there be any big suprises in the near future regarding Revpro?

@RevProUK:  Well if we said they wouldn’t be surprises would they!


@_tomrw asked: did you have to reinforce the ring for Lee/Ishii 2?

@RevProUK:  Well the Rings now broken if that helps


@Grantissimo asked: What’s the toughest part with booking some of the big names you guys get in like ishii?

@RevProUK:  Scheduling. We work very flexibly in order to get the best line ups possible but sometimes that means not giving you guys as much notice as we would like.


@RPWFAN93 asked: Is it difficult getting the Titantron screens and the projectors connected with the laptops perfect ??

@RevProUK:  I don’t think we’ve ever got anything perfect yet


@TomCoombs_YT asked: Any other matches for Portsmouth being announced?

@RevProUK:  Yes. The rest of the card


@ViciousPrism asked: : Is it bad that I still hold a grudge against Andy Q for a bad call in a match 14 years ago? Grrrr...

@RevProUK:  Many people do


@Jon_Wrestling asked:  do you have an estimate of when the backlog of dvds will go on pre-order?

@RevProUK:  I think we’ll just put them out when we know exactly how long the wait will be. Pre-orders without an exact answer seem to upset people and that upsets us!


@MrYoElluis asked: Favourite power ranger?

@RevProUK: Green


@ADellanzo1 asked: Did you love the atmosphere made at the Cobbpit by the #JeffCobbUltras and the #DanMageezers ?

@RevProUK: Yes really enjoy the term ‘DanMageezers’



@gouroudu asked: Will you do a show in France one day?

@RevProUK:  We hope so!


@DylanShah: Any idea when the next show in York Hall will happen?

@RevProUK:  It will be summer Sizzler and we will announce details very very soon!


@ManURomerograps asked: What do you think about WALTER vs Los Federales Santos Jr.?

@RevProUK:  Interesting


@ItsJack_29 asked: Will SSE have a meet and greet? (I've never been to one of your shows before so I thought I'd ask)

@RevProUK: Yes it will


@BenjaminNoir666 asked: Is there anyone you would have liked to have booked but never got the opportunity?

@RevProUK:  Would have loved to have booked Bret Hart in a Wrestling capacity


@Mushed99 asked: Possibility of Suzuki vs Roberts?

@RevProUK: We put it out on instagram... Epic Encounter 2019? What you saying?!?


@Not_Alee asked: Will we see Jordan Devlin competing this year?

@RevProUK: Tuesday May 29th Vs Zack Sabre Jr is the next opportunity to see him


@hills90 asked: Boxers or briefs?

@RevProUK:  Boxers