Published Monday, 17th September 2018

Twitter Q&A: September 11th

7 match card or 8 match card. What works better?

Depends on the situation 6 or 7 will normally be more than enough... all killer no filler. Sound like a hypocrite now after 16 or 17 matches on Wednesday.


When are you hoping to host Global Wars this year?



Can you promise to never run the BEC again?

We will certainly make sure if we come to Manchester again we'll do a bit more research and it will be in a more easily accessible location!


Felt a bit of a weird atmosphere on Sunday, do you think that being part of the convention took away from the show? Almost felt like the crowd was distracted. Not sure if that was the atmosphere all weekend as only drove across for the finals then drove back

Yes. Long days & big open building certainly contributed to that feeling. But happy we did it. Exposed ourselves to a lot of new fans & ultimately you have to try new things


How's @supercontender doing?

Disappointed. But he will be ok and come back stronger.


Any plans for Strong Style Evolved UK 2? It was a blast this summer. If so, when are you thinking of having it?

Same time next year? Not sure... we will likely be looking at scheduling toward the end of the year (which we are fully aware we are fast approaching)


any chance of bringing in the bucks and omega for a uk show?

We've already done it, but would love to have them all back if schedules permit


Will we be seeing anymore of @Jonah_Rock in rev pro soon, he was so so good at the Chelmsford Show



Is there a possibility for us to see a Rev Pro event at Wembley in the near future

Not at the moment, but who knows what the future may hold


Hypothetically speaking if LIJ happen to be in the country in the near future what are the chances of a group photo at the meet n greet much like Uprising last year with BC? Hypothetically speaking of course

We'd approach that topic if and when it became a possibility


Is the TV deal a permanent thing or were those first tapings a pilot

That's the intention, yes, however will stress that nothing is permanent, like anything it has to work for all parties. We are going in to this with a level head. However do believe we have made some mighty fine TV!


Will you guys be doing the Cockpit (and season tickets) next year? It's one of my favourite venues for wrestling right now...



Do you choose which NJPW talent to book or are you told who you are getting?

We choose, obviously it's all pending availabilities.


Who’s your favourite Pokémon?

Growlithe. Reminds me a bit of my dog.


Who on the roster has the most promise to be a future British heavyweight champion?

Literally the entire roster has the potential to make it happen


will we ever see @TheProductDS promos he keeps going on about?

subscribe to  and you can literally see every single one right now


What's the biggest venue you've run a show at?

SSEUK Manchester - 3K sell out


Any plans of coming back to Manchester?



When (and where) will the next set of tapings take place or is it dependant on the shows initial success?

We wanted to get this first set done before choosing the where and when of the next set. Now with the benefit of hindsight we'll get together with the relevant people this week and put together a plan of action.


Cardiff return?

On the 'to-do list'


When will the @FreeSportsUK show be hitting the air?

Soon. Don't worry the good people at Free Sports will give you all plenty of notice and so will we!


Would a theoretical big show (High Stakes/Global Wars) end up being shown as part of the weekly TV show? Or are the TV shows their own thing designed to hype up those shows?

the plan for now is for TV to be an addition rather than an 'instead of'. We feel it's very important not to loose focus of our core business. So that means more great wrestling for everyone!


would you consider a season ticket type deal for Southamtpon? Similar to the Cockpit ones.

Yes. We are going to try and work that into next years plans if possible


I know the committee speaks a 1000 words of greatness 3 of your top heels, Could we see a match consisting of Bodom Vs Chris Brookes Vs Starr for the Undisputed British CW title

Maybe but I know from speaking to him that Bodom wants the HW belt


1) Any chance of shows in Southend? 2) How many more shows at York Hall this year? 3) Any reasonable sized venues you’d want to put on a show at that you haven’t already?

1) Hopefully it's my (Andy's) home town! 

2) 2-3 

3) Plenty and sure there are plenty we don't even know about yet!


Will be see more lucha wrestlers on Rev Pro in the future?



Another Southampton show? and season ticket?

News this week and yes we hope to factor in a Soton season ticket next year


who makes your custom music? it is way better than the progress custom themes

Most of it is done by Mikey Rukus who has been working with us for a couple of years now. We'll be releasing the new tracks on the youtube later this week so you get a chance to get accustomed to them all.


How are the Wembley tickets going?

Would suspect and hope very well. Big things happen when you dare to dream and I suspect this to be no different.


Which New Japan wrestler would you like to book that has yet to appear for Rev Pro?

Probably Makabe... but he is a legit big time star in Japan so it may be very difficult to make happen


Is the "something cool" my long-awaited, inevitable opportunity to face Minoru Suzuki? If not, why not?

No.  Because despite you being quite annoying we are quite fond of you.


Will there be another SSE UK next year?

Hope so!


Have you got any ideas for Jamie Hayter's next Challenger?

a few. Lets see who makes their mark whilst she is away killing it in Japan


Is there a BUSHI EN SERIO hoodie releasing soon?

possibly will need to check in with @ShopRevPro team


what's your favourite cheese?

Chedder. All day.


What do you think of Jamie Hayter's potential? Do you think she is being utilized enough on the UK scene? I have been incredibly impressed every time I have seen her, I just want to see her in more places around the UK.

Limitless and without a doubt she is under-utilised. The fact that she wasn't on too many fans radars before she dethroned Jinny speaks volumes. Excited to see what her future holds as she is only going to get better.


with the tv tapings would you consider bringing an extra uk championship in that stays in the uk rather than japan all the time and can be defended on the tv episodes?



Are you going to do a show at crystal palace sports center?

Funny story. We nearly did... but they got the year we booked the show for wrong... so maybe in 2019... we know one date which is free for sure!


Who is the funniest wrestler on your roster and why is it @princeofmumbai3 ?

Because I don't actually think he intends to be funny


going forward is the TV show going to be the priority over the other shows?

all of our shows carry equal importance


Will Starr and Aussie Open still have their usual themes for matches not on TV?



Any news on the next Portsmouth show?



What's other companies issue with josh bodom?

Have to ask them that


Do you have intentions of booking him before the end of the year or do the schedules clash

No idea as we don't have our schedule to the end of year yet unfortunately!


Is there any chance of a return to Kent especially in Rev Pro's Hometown?

We would love to come back yes, just a matter of timing.


That is great to know! I moved to sittingbourne the day after Rev Pro's last sittingbourne show so it's something that i cannot wait to see again

bad timing. Sorry!


would you consider adding a trios or hardcore championship in the future?

No believe we have enough championships for now


When will your 2019 schedule be released for a group of pretty swell gals that want to travel from the US next year to see you?

Not sure but what we do know is we are planning on getting as much stuff as possible announced in advance to give more notice to wonderful people like yourselves!


will there be any female matches on the next set of tv tapings? and why wasn't there on the first set?

Because to give them the attention they deserve, so they are not an after thought we want to be able to dedicate more time to them and the division. We introduced & established a lot of new characters in the first 8 weeks and will do the same with the women's division in time


Were you happy with ticket sales for the J Cup after calling them 'terrible' on @TheIndyCorner. Sunday especially seemed a good house.



which city/major town in Britain do you think is underserved when it comes to major indie wrestling? (I'm tempted to go with Loughborough)

haha that's a leading question that we're definitely backing out of


global wars dates guys?

...coming shortly


How many months ahead do you usually book your venues? Any difficulties in booking many months in advance?

chicken and egg situation. We want the best matches and the best stars possible so tend to line those up before we get the venues


with bringing in @GottaGetSwann and LAX at the J Cup, is there a possibility of bringing in more @IMPACTWRESTLING talent? Would love to see @Ortiz5150 and @SantanaLAX VS @DUNKZILLADavis and @kylefletcherpro !!



Will you filming at Portsmouth Guildhall at any point?

We've discussed this idea. Possibly.


did you have a nice day today?

Yes thank you very much. Hope you did as well!


What's the feeling on so many other people running york hall now including wos

No opinion. Good luck to them.


Has a TV deal every been offered and would you except one? …