Published Monday, 29th October 2018

Twitter Q&A: October 26th

Any news regarding the end of November York Hall show?  #AskRevPro

Time it will end? 10.30pm


Haha so can we have the date, please?  #AskRevPro

oh I understand, we said we may do one at the end of November. We are working on a London date, will hopefully have an answer Monday


Any news on if DVD will be a thing for Rev Pro going forward?

At the moment no more DVD's. We do have an idea to do a DVD subscription service that if we get enough interest we will start to produce DVD's again but it would require enough people to sign up to go ahead. What do you think?


Is there more to come from the RevPrOTT relationship?

Probably yes.


Do you love PAC?

Who doesn’t?


Portsmouth show?? #AskRevPro

Thursday November 22nd, Portsmouth Guildhall - Tickets on sale Monday


Rough time period for the on demand android app please? #AskRevPro

Any day now we hope!


What talent will be at your event in Chelmsford please?

All the main ones! Matches will start getting announced next week


@RevProUK is Shingo a fan of the UK?  #AskRevPro

He always seemed to have a lovely time when he was here for DG


@RevProUK any more London shows this year?

well we have Nov 4th & Dec 2nd Cockpit still to go, plus Nov 9 York Hall and potentially one other London date we're currently working on


@RevProUK any chance of getting PAC? #AskRevPro



@RevProUK Any news on the women’s tournament? #AskRevPro

Still a lot of wrestling to be done in 2018 first. Expect things to start being announced end of November


@RevProUK Have you settled on a definitive hashtag for the Freesports show?



If the TV series pans out, are there already plans for merging storylines/characters between them, the Cockpit and York Hall shows? #AskRevPro



Any chance you release all 2019 dates at start of year?

We're going to do the best we can to release as many dates as possible in advance next year. Cockpit dates out already, Southampton dates will be announced next week and more to follow!