Published Friday, 16th November 2018

Twitter Q&A: November 16th

Favorite Ice Cream Flavor?

Vanilla. It's underrated.


Could we have the bully ray story on the podcast soon as to why his match never made it online?



Plans for a December York Hall show?

No, sorry. We're going to do what we can to release all 2019 dates well in advance though. This is what we're currently working on.


Any news on a DVD subscription?

It looks like it's happening. Currently figuring out the best way to do it. Hopefully we'll be able to announce something by the end of next week.


We need to know, who's PAC's opponent at Portsmouth!?!?!?

Full card will be announced over next few days.


I know it's early days but are there any plans for the J Cup next year?

Working on all of 2019 schedule now. J Cup will feature. It won't be same set up as this year!


How do you feel the Southampton shows are going? Are the crowd sizes what you expected and do you feel there is room for growth?

In ring wonderful. Need to grow the crowds. Like the venue, like the location, love the fans... would love to turn it into a venue like the Cockpit. 2019 will be the year we determine if that's going to happen. But yes we believe there is room for growth.


What does York Hall mean to you?

It's the most iconic combat sports venue in the UK. It has a special atmosphere and we're pleased to have opened the wrestling worlds eyes to how special it is.


Gonna throw this one at you again.......... a second Cardiff show?

Lets see what 2019 brings


When do you expect to be posting the new theme music that's "as seen on TV"?

Soon. Certainly before Christmas.


Would you rather fight a horse sized duck or 12 duck sized horses?

12 duck sized horses


Would you consider a show in Ireland at some point?

At this point only something in association with OTT.


Can we get the date for High Stakes pretty please and will it be in London?

We're aiming to get as much of 2019 schedule announced as possible by end of next week.


Any plans to change British Championship to World Championship as it's being/has been defended internationally?

No. We like having a British Championship that's defended around the world.

Love this. Seeing that belt defended on big New Japan shows is something everyone involved with Rev Pro should be very proud of.

Thank you!


What's the best thing about working out of York Hall?

We know the venue like the back of our hand now.


Are you going to comeback to places up north like manchester (or stoke though not necessarily north) again?

If up North wants us


Any match announcements for the Chelmsford show coming up?

Yep. They will start next week


Also are world of pro wrestling episodes available online?

Not at the moment. Hoping to change that soon.


Hi Any update on the Chelmsford card please

We'll start announcing matches next week


Will we ever get to see the AJ Styles vs Mark Haskins match on the On Demand?

Possibly.... the footage is on a damaged hard drive


Ever considered using a larger ring?

No. We use an 18 foot ring in every venue that can fit an 18 foot ring. 16 foot in all our other venues


Any plans for more CMLL stars to appear on RevPro shows in the future and/or more regularly?

Yes, that is the plan!


Any Mania weekend match finalized and if so how soon until any announcement?

We may announce some talent. But don't be expecting too much, especially matches until 2019


Which RevPro match is a contender for Match of the Year?

That's a question for you guys!


Do you think the UK scene is becoming oversaturated?



Any plans on utilising female talent more in future shows?



Any plans for coming over to Cambridge area for a show ?

Not at the moment, but we want to ultimately be running shows everywhere


Will you have any more shows in Brixton or was it a one time thing?

No plans at the moment


Could we expect international talent for next years queen of the ring? And why do you think the title has not taken off as well as expected?


Don't think that's the case really. We spent 2 years building our first champion who was injured shortly after winning the belt and we can no longer use her. Everything is currently being re-established. But we're confident it's going to be a key championship moving forward.


Is the Ospreay figure any closer to market than it was last year?

lol No. It's in the exact same place as last year but in the back of our minds to get to market with. We decided to be wrestling promoters this year instead of toy makers!


Someone's put on Wikipedia that you're hosting a Queen of the Ring tournament in January. Was this announced somewhere and I missed it or is it someone assuming last year's Championship tournament would become annual?

Yes, you must have missed it. it was announced here, on facebook & on our website.


Will Minoru Sizuki be back in the UK in 2019?

He is one half of the British Tag Team Champions. That belt is his return ticket to the UK!


Any chance on increasing the sizes of the NJPW shirts at shows up to a 3XL for those of us a bit larger than the rest?

We will look into putting them as an option on pre-order for a short amount of time. The reason we don't stock them is because in the past they haven't sold. We only sell what we have in stock.


When do you plan to announce participants for Queen of the Ring tournament in January?

We'll start announcing names over next week or so


Have you given any thought to running a show in Japan?

It's something we would certainly be interested in. But no serious thought's gone into it.


With Josh Bodom claiming he's a Heavyweight now, and Zoe Lucas wanting that womens title, what's the plan going forward in regards to title shots?

Zoe is in line for a shot but has been injured since a recent tour of the States. She returns to the ring this weekend so health permitting she'll get a shot soon.

ZSJ gets next shot at Ishii.

Josh moving up to HW will certainly shake up the division. He is a serious threat.