Published Monday, 3rd December 2018

Twitter Q&A: November 30th

Is PAC going to be in RevPro long term or just the occasional few shows?

As long as he's available we'll continue to book him. Who knows how long that may last the wrestling world is a constantly changing scene. As fans take advantage of every single opportunity to see this once world class talent, unshackled & in matches you can't see anywhere else


Will you ever come to Germany for a Show?

Hopefully one day


What is your take on the recent news about NXT UK superstars contracts. How, if at all does it affect RevPro? And the British scene as a whole?

Doesn't affect us at all as we've been on the naughty step & dealing with it for 6 months now. Ultimately the British scene will be fine. This is an excellent opportunity for those overlooked and under appreciated to stand up and be counted. It really is an exciting time.


Will you be tabling again at @WrestleCon? #AskREvPro

believe so


#AskRevPro when will you be getting Elite merch in?

Of course we would love to, but at the moment we only stock RevPro (obvs) & NJPW produced merch, so guess wait & see if they bring anything out.


Hello when can we have our rematch with Suzuki Gun? I promise we’ll win #AskRevPro

You deserve one!


With only two more episodes of #WOPW (best hour of British Wrestling on TV BTW). What have the company taken away from this experience?

We've learnt how to put together 8 weeks of TV in about 2 weeks, lots of lessons on things we would do differently both from an on screen & in front of live audience perspective. Would be excited to give it another go


Is Global Wars 2018 going to be up for purchase on demand? Every other show before and after is for sale and stream.

Should be, we'll look into it


Do you plan on having more of a female presence in 2019 events, especially at bigger shows?



When do we find out the date of the next York Hall show? #AskRevPro

Maybe at the end of this Q&A


Can we get a Wrestlecon announcement soon? That’s a terrible question :(

Yes you can soon. But be warned bulk of stuff wont be announced until new year

Oh cool, Although imn 95% certain ill be at Rev Pro WWN do have a supershow that time

You're 95% going to make the right choice then


#AskRevPro What's the story behind the new DVD release and are you keeping the "Single release" System or are there still plans for a subscription?

So we will move to subscription, but we have a lot of releases to get out to get us up to date so we decided to start getting through the backlog.


#AskRevPro any news on the York hall 2019 schedule?

We've just confirmed first date, we're still working on rest of the year.


Have you though of ever though of booking Jushin Liger to work as Kishin Liger in a high-profile match? Would be a cool way to blow off his feud with Chris Brookes for example. #AskRevPro

That would be cool wouldn't it. Probably can't do it now you've spoiled it for everyone


When are the next TV tapings?

We're open to it if @FreeSportsUK want them. But none planned at present.



Will there be another Strong Style Evolved in the UK ?

Too early to say. With NJPW's continued growth there will no doubt be something though!


Is there an rev pro app on roku? Sorry if this has been asked before



How long before Lord Gideon Grey has an aneurysm introducing Great O Kharn? #AskRevPro

Any day now. Fortunately we have paramedics on standby.


When will you be release extra tickets for Zack vs PAC? (If there will be any extra released at all that is)

So season ticket sales finish on Monday. On Tuesday we will release any available tickets.


Do you really think @shane216taylor is enough to shut me up?

We'll find out on Sunday


Would u run an outdoor event

in the summer, yes


@RevProUK do you reckon someone could moonsault from the balcony at york hall?

I reckon someone could yes. But they certainly wont be doing it on our watch. Health and safety and all that.

What’s the worst venue I’ve ran a show at and why?

We ran a camp in Sheppey once run by Jay from Eastenders Mum... that wasn't a lot of fun.


Hello. Are you considering a future partnership with Stardom for the women's division ? #AskRevPro

We would love to work with them


 After the success of Fortnite dances, will @RefereeRoberts be performing any? Akin to the robot?

If I was hip enough to know what that was then he likely would have been bullied into doing it by now & having it promoted as an attraction already


@RevProUK Will we see Walter again after Sunday? #AskRevPro

We're not planning anything sinister if that's what you're suggesting


PAC vs. ZSJ seems like a match that should/could have main evented York Hall, what made you decide to run it at the cockpit instead?

When we have 2 of the best wrestlers in the world available in the same place at the same time we're going to make the match. Who knows when we will get that opportunity again? The Cockpit has & will continue to host some of the best matches in RevPro history.


Any north or upper midlands dates planned for shows in 2019? Want to go to a Rev Pro show but would be travelling down from Scotland.

We are always looking at new venues and areas, we'll see what 2019 holds