Published Friday, 21st December 2018

21/12/18 Twitter Q&A

Can you get golden lovers over to the UK in 2019?

Don’t know.


Are there any other places you wanna expand into other than Northampton, Guildford and Bristol? Is this just the start?

We’d love to go everywhere and obviously if the respected cities do well we will come back and look at the surrounding areas.


Best wrestling related Christmas present you’ve ever received?

Hulk Hogans Greatest Matches VHS. First ever VHS owned, last present opened that Christmas which had somehow got lost in a sea of wrapping paper. Must have been watched a million times!


Would you want to forge a relationship with All Elite Wrestling hypothetically of such a promotion was ever going to exist?

We have always actively wanted to work with any wrestling promotion that is interested in good business, working together to help each other grow. So of course there is a possibility.


What would you most like to get as a present this festive season?

Sold out shows & happy faces!


Does being contracted to Dragon Gate prohibit one from challenging for a RevPro title?

Can Pac challenge for the British Heavyweight Championship? Of course he can.


How are you?

Little stressed by how quickly Christmas has come but very well thanks, how are you?


Obviously PAC, Irie and others will shake up RevPro. Do you plan on getting in other indy names on a permanent basis as it seems you will do with these two, as supposed to getting in guys on a one show basis?

We have a great roster, there are a few names on our radar who will no doubt make an impact if given the opportunity to do so. But 2019 is going to be our most exciting year yet!


Who is more restricted - you by New Japan or Progress by WWE?

We aren’t restricted at all.


Why was the Guildford show announced somewhat last minute?

5 weeks notice never used to be considered last minute. Guess the world has changed!


Any chance of a global wars in Chelmsford in 2019 ?

No chance. Sorry.


What is your rough criteria for choosing a town/venue for a show?

There isn’t really. We’ll go anywhere that will take us & is suitable for wrestling (including ticking boxes that we would go through such as travel links, accessibility etc)


Will we see Marty back in a RevPro ring in 2019! He managed to dodge you guys all this year - it's not a contract thing is it?

No it’s not a contract thing. Scheduling didn’t work out.


Which Rev Pro roster member would you cast as Buddy the Elf?

Rishi Ghosh


Of all the people who have ever wrestled in a RevPro ring who would you most like to join you for Christmas lunch?

Bret Hart has done a few sharpshooters, so we’ll say him!


Will there be more World of Pro Wrestling on @FreeSportsUK ?

Don’t know


Are you worried about ROH singing more of your guys? Will we see more in the RevPro/ROH relationship next year?

No & who knows. It all depends on schedule & opportunity. We are certainly still on very good terms and always looking for ways to continue to strengthen our relationship


You're running a lot of new places in the early part of the year. Do you have a long term plan to make them all recurring shows or are you testing the water in a bunch of places to see where you get the most traction?

We would like them all to be recurring venues, however realistically they need to work in order for us to continue coming back. Which is why we urge everyone who wants to see us move about the country to support whatever shows you can even if it’s just helping to spread the word!

Would you say Altrincham ice arena worked then?

Yes it did. But we need something big to fill such a big venue!


Surprise of 2018 and who should we watch out for in 2019?

MK McKinnan returning out of nowhere and being great. 

Watch out for the 2019 Contenders Division. Contenders haven’t been selected yet but trust us when we say the bar will be set high


When are you coming back to South London?

The tube system in London is wonderful!


Any sign of the new music being uploaded? (I kid) Is the May cockpit show confirmed, given the clash with progress?

We are still going to upload them I promise! 

The date has been announced therefore it’s confirmed & wont be moving.


Who on the Rev Pro roster would've been able to get hold of Kevin in Home Alone relatively unscathed?

Zack Sabre would probably trap him. 

Lord Gideon Grey would probably take a beating


can Colt Cabana please do a York Hall show or Guildford?

Don’t see why not!


I think you went Live once with a Rev Pro live show, any plans of doing more Live shows?

Yes. Our providers are currently upgrading their live streaming technology. Once that is complete we will air as much as possible live


Who is the wrestler that has gone above and beyond for Rev Pro this year?

There are many!


when will you announce the talent for your show in NYC in April?

We’ve already announced Ishii & with that announcement we said don’t expect any more until the new year. It’s going to be great don’t you worry!


Ever plan to bring your roster to Japan like NJPW bring theirs to your ring ?

Hopefully one day


Will the Tag Contenders get their shot at a Live At The Cockpit or next major show?

Willing Zack Sabre defeats Ishii, will his match w/ Pac be for the British Heavyweight Championship?

When will more talent be announced for the @WrestleCon event?

WrestleCon match announcement?

Once we have the contenders we’ll then negotiate the contract for the championship match. 

We’ll deal with that situation if and when it occurs. 

In the new year!


do u plan to do more shows up north next year cause I’d love to go to more rev pro shows. P.s. merry Christmas

We’d like to!


what’s happened to the tv showings on free sports?

We taped 8 episodes they have all aired now.


Any plans to run a show in crystal palace?

We tell a funny story about Crystal Palace on one of the more recent A Squared Circle Wrestling Podcasts. It was originally supposed to be the venue for this years Global Wars UK show


Any chance of a live A-Squared Circle Wrestling Podcast one day?

If people would be willing to buy all the tickets