Published Friday, 18th January 2019

Twitter Q&A: January 14th

When will PAC vs ZSJ be on ?

No later than end of day tomorrow



Will there be a big Rev Pro show the week of the New Japan show in August?

That is very likely


What are Joes chances at Sacrifice?

This has gone totally over our heads


Also, will you have pre-orders available for #HighStakes tees? I'd like one of those

Hey @ShopRevPro can you answer that one please


What's happening in 23 minutes?

It's the top of the hour. A nice finishing point


Will there be meet and greet for High Stakes at York Hall?



Following on from @DebbieKeitel, will other OTT stars be coming over to Rev Pro and vice versa?

That is pretty likely!


Will @findevan and @_AndrewEverett return to RevPro?

Hopefully! Both exceptional talents.


Why do you conveniently delay releases of Rev Pro shows that involve excellent promos of mine? (I.E. Live From The Cockpit 37)

Why do you feel the heavyweight title is worthy of an upgraded belt, but not my cruiserweight title isn’t? (Even though it’s falling apart)

It's a conspiracy…


coming to Portsmouth guildhall anytime soon?

Watch this space!


We had a good time for SSEUK, didn’t we? Will you guys be coming back up to the North-West any time soon? I miss you guys…

We hope so


any mania weekend announcments coming soon??

We're currently finalising cards, we'll likely do a few more talent announcements first then move on to match announcements... it's looking like it's going to be a cracker though!


What’s your perfect Sunday?

Live At The Cockpit Sunday's with Nando's at Cobham services on the way home.


Will Summer Sizzler be on the Friday before the NJPW show? And can we maybe get the date for Epic Encounter, pretty please?

We are working on all of these things and should have answers this week


Any plans for some more shows at York Hall, maybe in the summer? Also thank you  for being a wrestling company that transcends wrestling in the UK and continues to put on a consistantly great product.

There will be our Summer Sizzler show there in the summer TBC. We are working to give a full schedule of shows there in advance.


Thank you for your support!


Since the promos got released, *generic release the music plea*?

Sooooon we promise!


Any shows in Leamington this year?



Has there been thoughts of moving the PAC and ospreay show venue? Seems such a big match for rev pro, would love to be there

No. People have already made plans and as we have seen on so many occasions nothing beats the intimacy and atmosphere of a sold out, passionate York Hall crowd.


Any more Bristol announcements?

You'll have matches announced pretty regularly from now until show day, you won't have to wait long!


Did Andy and Chris enjoy their time in Japan?

Loved it!


#HighStakes announcement in 5 mins?

No. No announcements today.


Is the weekly show going to return to FreeSports anytime soon ?

We've had literally zero discussions on the subject.


Any chance of more Yuu? Would love for her to become a regular,

She will be back!


will PAC be available for you while also working with AEW?

At the moment yes & he will certainly make all advertised dates.


When will you start rewarding wins by giving THE GREAT-@O_KHARN a title opportunity?

He is certainly working his way into contention. Perhaps if we stopped having to put these little asterisk's next to his W's things would progress quicker…


can we get #GoodGuy @Tama_Tonga and the rest of the biz cliz on a show soon pls

Would love to!


Will you be returning to Guildford?

They have some real comfy seats for watching awesome wrestling!