Published Thursday, 16th February 2006

A Taste Of IPW... Joe's Preview

by Joe O'Brien

So to start I just want to cover last monthÂ’s show. No Escape was top-notch show. Spud and Jack got match of the night honours for me, but a close second was Ashley Reed Vs Paul Robinson (more on that later). The main event may have been a bit of a let down but if you consider the fact that it followed the street fight you can understand. But now onto the next show

A Taste of IPW

February 18th 2006

Well I'll start at the bottom and work my way up.

Ashley Reed v Paul Robinson

I'll make this clear right now; I am a huge fan of both these guys. I first saw them face off at Best of British II and I was seriously impressed. I am a big advocate for a Paul Robinson push, I have lobbied Dan with this, and I stand by it. This young man is an amazing athlete and could very well be the break out star of IPW:UK in 2006. But this depends on one thing...

Or should I say one person. ASHLEY REED...

At my first ever IPW:UK show I was sat at ringside not knowing what to expect. In the opening match Ashley Reed came out looking like a weak mans LOW KI (and thank god you grew your hair Ashley). As soon as he stepped through the ropes he proved to be a stand out performer in everyway. Since that night I have attended every show and on every show Ashley Reed has been on he has nearly stole the show every time.

I think that this could very well be the night he finally actually steals the show. Robinson and Reed are set to rip up the Orpington (IPW:UK) Halls and I can't wait. Could Reed v Robinson be our own Tajiri v Super Crazy? Only time will tell!

Prediction: Robinson to get the pin hopefully leading to a rubber match between the two.

Battalion v Stevie Lynn

Stevie Lynn is an enigma to me. I thought I'd try and find out something about this debuting star and I actually couldn't come up with much. He is the Current 3CW Heavyweight Champion, and has beaten IPW:UK Alumni Drew Galloway and thatÂ’s all I could gather.

Battalion is on a roll, he is a huge crowd favourite who needs to keep up his momentum to move up the IPW:UK Rankings. I think this one may descend into a pure brawl. Which is good because Battalion is maybe the best brawler in IPW:UK

Prediction: Battalion to carry on his "Path of Rage"

Leroy Kincaide v Aviv Maayan v James Tighe

This match could very well decide who faces the IPW:UK Heavyweight Champion at Unfinished Business.

Leroy Kincaide is the man coming into this match with the most momentum, Is this an indicator to him winning? Maybe!

Aviv needs this win badly, he has slipped from being the top man to being a man you don't even miss on the card (did anyone else notice he wasn't at No Escape). This match is his chance to remind us why he was the first ever IPW:UK Champion. Doe's he need to prove himself?

James Tighe is a different story; he is a solid worker who has beaten some of the best wrestlers in the UK. Will he do it again at Taste of IPW, I don't think so, but he has always been very solid and has proven anything could happen!

Prediction: Leroy Kincaide because the momentum is there already.

The Dragon Hearts (Spud and Dragon Phoenix) v Maximum Head (Max Voltage and Dan Head)

What can I say about this, they are two debuting teams. Spud and Dragon Phoenix are regular IPW:UK performers but have never teamed and Maximum Head are debuting at Taste of IPW.

Prediction: The Dragon Hearts because they are IPW Regulars

AK47 (Ashe and Kris Linnell) vs. The Untouchables (Represented by “Sadistic” Jack Storm and Dave Moralez (IPW:UK Tag Team Title Match)

This is when I feel the show will kick in for sure. AK47 have been superb Tag Team Champions and have defended their titles in some amazing matches. But this is the first match in which I actually believe they could very well drop their titles.

Storm and Moralez have proven on several occasions that they are a smooth tag team and with the list of their casualties growing by the minute they are a force to be reckoned with.

Storm is possibly the future of the IPW:UK main event scene. The Sadistic One has shown so much potential as a heel that even his close ally Martin Stone must be watching him from a far.

Moralez is a crowd favourite, an IPW:UK show doesn’t pass without the chants of “Where’s Your Tractor”. But lets be serious, as much as we like to heckle the farm boy, we can’t take away from the fact that he is a very dangerous wrestler. He is not called the Human Hate Machine for nothing (Possibly Because he Loves Sheep)

Together these two will be the hardest challenge yet for AK47

Ashe and his young protégé Kris have been on quite a roll. Every bit the fighting champions, they have seen off the challenge of The Chav Army, The Kartel, Reed/Sefton and Jordan/Wyld. But Saturday nights test will be there hardest.

Something that did concern me at No Escape was the slight tension between Ashe and Kris. When Ashe went to introduce Kris to his former tag partner Curve who was sitting at ringside, Kris chose to blank him. This was a very insulting sign of disrespect. The New Breed (Ashe and Curve) deserve the respect they have earned and the fact that Kris didnÂ’t show that respect surprises me.

This match will certainly be close fought and could come down to somebody making a mistake

Prediction: New IPW:UK Tag Team Champions to be crowned. The Untouchables.

Martin Stone vs. Andy Boy Simmonz (IPW:UK Title Match)

Well what can I say about Martin Stone that I didnÂ’t cover last month.

Not MuchÂ…

But this,

(Before I say this I want to make clear that these are my opinions and are not the opinions of IPW:UK)

I believe that Martin Stone is the best, most dominant Champion in the UK right now. Okay yes I am biased. I am possibly StoneÂ’s because advocate at ringside. But I dare one person to prove me wrong. Could you seriously tell me that there is a better champion in the UK? Alex Shane? Hade Vanson? Phil Powers? Even Stevie Lynn? No way. I believe there are only 2 British Heavyweights currently wrestling who could push Stone to his limits. One of them is currently pretending to be a pirate in America (Please ask for your release Paul) and the other spends a lot of his time in Japan.

Yes I do believe that Jody and Jonny can push him to his limit. But beat him? Jody had his chance but he couldnÂ’t get the job done.

As for contenders in IPW:UK well there are a few. Can I realistically see them beating Stone? Well Yes and No.

Andy Boy Simmonz is a solid grappler and he has certainly earned this title shot. For nigh on a year Andy has scrapped his way up the rankings and I would never deny a man who has worked his backside off to get his title shot.

Do I believe that Andy Boy Simmonz can capture the IPW:UK Title on Saturday night. If lady luck is flying with him then yes. ButÂ…

Not many of Martin StoneÂ’s opponents have had lady luck on their side.

Prediction: At the end of the day, if he canÂ’t do it on his own he always has Storm and Moralez in reserve. Martin Stone to retain.

So thatÂ’s my preview, of course JC Thunder has issued another challenge, I am personally thinking about answering it myself.

But except for that I think us, Wrestling fans are in for a weekend from heaven. Saturday: IPW and Sunday: PWGÂ… Wow!!!

So anyway I just want to plug a new British Wrestling News Site,, itÂ’s a great site for sure and as always

IÂ’ll See You Ringside