Published Saturday, 8th December 2012

NO HOLDS BARRED - Sunday February 10th, Sittingbourne, Kent

On Sunday February 10th Revolution Pro Wrestling makes its return to Sittingbourne for our first show of 2013 as we present ‘No Holds Barred,’ a night that promises to have the whole wrestling world watching as the bitter rivalry between Rockstar Spud and Marty Scurll will finally come to a dramatic head. 

‘You’ve got nothing left,’ was the war cry from Rockstar Spud at the conclusion of The Leaders failed attempt to reclaim tag team gold from Project Ego. These chilling words were almost the validation of a prophecy that Spud made at August’s Summer Sizzler when he cost Marty his opportunity to become the first ever simultaneous triple crown holder and then introduced Project Ego: the two men who were just seconds away from dethroning he and partner, Zack Sabre Jr. of the Undisputed British Tag Team Championships. 

This was all Rockstar Spud has wanted since Marty Scurll grabbed all the headlines in January of this year on ITV’s Take Me Out, seemingly taking away all memories of his own short time in the media spotlight after appearing a few months earlier on BBC’s Snog, Marry, Avoid. All of a sudden it was the tabloids talking about Scurll and not Spud and that didn’t sit well with the ego manic who refers to himself as ‘The Baby Jesus of British Wrestling.’ 

Whilst many people look back to early 2012 as the time this rivalry started between these two, if you ask Marty Scurll it was a rivalry that started simply in Rockstar Spuds head for he would not respond to his adversary no matter how vulgar, uncalled for or disgusting Spud’s insults were. Scurll instead kept control of his emotions until he could control no longer as he agreed to a one time only meeting with Spud as a part of Junes Extreme Measures Tournament. A match which instead of ending the rivalry only seemed to intensify it. 

When word broke that both Spud and Scurll had been chosen for TNA’s British Bootcamp many people speculated that this would prove to be the end of their rivalry but this couldn’t have proven to be further from the truth as the pair couldn’t even let the opportunity to gain a contract with Impact Wrestling get in the way of their intense dislike for one another as anyone tuning into the show this January will no doubt find out. 

On Sunday February 10th all the bad words, all the times Spud has cost Scurll victories, titles belts and more come to a head. They can forget about having to restrain themselves for TV cameras. They can forget about having to compete with the restraints of rules.This is it. The opportunity that both men have been waiting for. One on one. No holds barred!

There is so much more that can and will be said about these two as they enter what is without a doubt their most important year in their professional careers but the genuine consensus amongst their co-workers is for either to fully move forward they must end this once and for all. Sunday February 10th represents a real opportunity at closure.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. The first contest announced as we look to kick start 2013 with a bang... don’t miss it! 

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Therefore the current card for Revolution Pro Wrestling No Holds Barred looks as follows: 

No Holds Barred Match
- Rockstar Spud vs 'Party' Marty Scurll

Plus: Colt 'Boom Boom' Cabana & MUCH MUCH MORE!

-- Revolution Pro presents NO HOLDS BARRED, Sunday February 10th 2013 at the Swallows Leisure Centre, Sittingbourne, Kent, England. Doors 5:00pm, show starts 5.30pm Tickets £12 general admission (£9 children). Family ticket available for £36. Ringside Front Row £30 Second Row £20 all ages. Birthdays, Office Parties and Other Group Bookings now catered for specifically. For more information e-mail Andy Quildan: