Published Sunday, 16th December 2012

Final Four Match Signed For February 10th, Sittingbourne

At The Christmas Cracker reigning undisputed British Heavyweight Champion Sha Samuels declared that he would make his state of championship address to the Sittingbourne faithful – an address where it is speculated he would quite simply state that there is nobody left. However thanks to a falling out of sorts between himself and his hired gun T-Bone that wasn’t to be & instead Samuels found himself trying to hold on to his most prized possession ironically against the man who helped him so often retain it. 

T-Bone wound up winning the contest thanks to a disqualification when Samuels deliberately got himself DQ'd and the champion found himself with a dangerous new enemy. However regardless of methods the fact remains that it was Samuels who walked away from Sittingbourne still the British Heavyweight Champion continuing his run as the longest reigning champion of all time, refusing to rematch T-Bone arguing a poor win-loss record means that Bone doesn’t deserve an instantaneous rematch until he picks up more wins and oncemore reaffirming his belief that there is no one left for him to face.

At No Holds Barred we will change that fact as in order to determine a number one contender we will hold a Final Four Match - a NO DQ, elimination contest where eliminations can occur by pinfall, submission or being thrown over the top rope and both feet touching the floor. The last man standing will be declared the winner, new number one contender to the Undisputed British Heavyweight Chanpionship and will go on to face Samuels for that very gold on Sunday March 31st at the 2013 Sittingbourne Spectacular. 

The names selected for this final four match have not been selected yet and Revolution Pro officials have made it clear that they are happy to recruit from outside the current RevPro active roster and would welcome any suggestions as we draw up a shortlist as we look to compile one of the most exciting heavyweight contests seen on these shores in a long time.

In perhaps the biggest news of all: with no clear number one contender to the championship and Revolution Pro match makers not wanting Samuels to be involved with the Rockstar Spud/Marty Scurll main event nor to influence the result of the Final Four contenders match the decision has been made to bar Samuels from the building on Sunday February 10th with a warning that any breach of this ruling could result in serious action being taken against the East Londoner. 

Sha Samuels has stated that there’s no one left for him to beat. Sha Samuels said he wants to be a fighting champion. In 2013 Sha Samuels is going to have to put his money where his mouth is. Things are starting to get interesting.

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Therefore the current card for Revolution Pro Wrestling No Holds Barred looks as follows: 

No Holds Barred Match
- Rockstar Spud vs 'Party' Marty Scurll

Cruiserweight Contenders Match
-'The Star' Attraction' Mark Haskins vs El Ligero

Final Four Match To Determine The Number 1 Contender To The British Heavyweight Championship
- ?? vs ?? vs ?? vs ??

Plus: Colt 'Boom Boom' Cabana & MUCH MUCH MORE!

-- Revolution Pro presents NO HOLDS BARRED, Sunday February 10th 2013 at the Swallows Leisure Centre, Sittingbourne, Kent, England. Doors 5:00pm, show starts 5.30pm Tickets £12 general admission (£9 children). Family ticket available for £36. Ringside Front Row £30 Second Row £20 all ages. Birthdays, Office Parties and Other Group Bookings now catered for specifically. For more information e-mail Andy Quildan: