Published Friday, 1st February 2013

Sabre Jr Vs McKinnan signed for Feb 10th Sittingbourne

The Next contest signed for Revolution Pro Wrestling return to Sittingbourne on Sunday February 10th is sure to be one that gets wrestling fans up and down the country talking as finally one of the most requested matches in recent years will take place as MK McKinnan will go one on one with Zack Sabre Jr! 

RevPro matchmakers have dubbed the contest a proving grounds match, for the young McKinnan who came into RPW with a lot of steam behind him at Octobers Uprising Weekender. Many people suggest that despite impressive displays and a huge victory over Rockstar Spud at December’s Christmas Cracker, McKinnan has simply ‘got the job done’ and has yet to show the fans on Sittingbourne what he is all about.

On Sunday 10th February in Sittingbourne, this all changes as McKinnan in Zack Sabre Jr will be handed an opponent who stylistically matches up with him perfectly. This one has all the makings of an instant classic.

For Sabre coming off the back of three, 3 month stints for Japans Pro Wrestling NOAH, No Holds Barred is all about establishing himself at the top of the singles rankings, a position that many people speculate had he been more available in 2012 he would already be sitting on as he looks to mount a challenge to either the British Cruiserweight or Heavyweight gold. 

Sunday February 10th is without a doubt a huge night for MK McKinnan who gets his opportunity to show the wrestling world exactly why so many people are touting him as ‘The Future’ but in equal amounts this is also a huge night for Sabre who won’t want his quest to the top thwarted at the first hurdle by an opportunistic McKinnan. 2012 was the year Zack Sabre Jr introduced himself to the wrestling world, 2013 is the year that Sabre wants to firmly establish himself at the top of the pile.

With both men so desperately wanting the victory, and both so desperately wanting to leave an impression, this is one contest you don’t want to miss!

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