Published Thursday, 3rd March 2016

Announcing The Brand New!

Announcing the brand new

Following a discussion with you the fans over our video on demand model, we have taken on board all of your thoughts and advice. As a result we are proud to announce the launch of a brand new monthly subscription based RPWONDEMAND!  You can now access the channel through the url: 

For the equivalent of just £6 a month you can have full-unrestricted access to stream our entire online video library!

Over 120 hours of footage

With an extensive back catalogue we are launching our service with over 120 hours off footage dating back to the days ‘before the revolution,’ up to current day shows which includes all our blockbuster York Hall ‘feature events’ as well as some previously never released shows & exclusive content. 

New Content Is On The Way Including A Brand New Season of RevProTV. 

That is not all as again following feedback we have several new shows in the works that will gradually be added to the service, starting with a brand new season of Rev Pro TV!  Each new episode will be made available on the service for 72 hours completely free of charge before being made subscriber exclusive.  

We are also currently working through editing some more previously unreleased titles and individual matches that will be released on a regulars basis.  

Easy To Navigate

We have built our channel with you the user in mind. Every title is up in date order on the main interface, however we have also split all of the content up into ‘Collections’ which essentially will provide you with playlists for each section so you don’t need to get lost in all the pretty pictures!

Over the coming weeks EVERY title will also have chapter markers implemented so you will be able to shoot straight to the match you want to watch. This will be a gradual process but it’s one we are committed to seeing through to enhance your viewing experience.

We’re on Roku!

We are also pleased to say that we are also launching on Roku from day one of our service… as in today! So if you have a Roku device then just search: Revolution Pro Wrestling in the app store.

Our Vimeo On Demand Service Will Continue To Exist

For those of you that love our Vimeo model or have purchased titles there DO NOT WORRY, our Vimeo On Demand page is going nowhere and we will still continue to upload new releases and make them available for streaming and digital download.  This will hopefully mean that you will be covered, whatever you preferred means of streaming are and those of you who prefer to download & own your titles can still do this & remain happy!

You will be able to continue to access the service through the On Demand Tab on our website (which will soon integrate both services) or directly through 


This is a very exciting day for us being able to share a body of work that we are very proud of. We can’t wait for our new fans to see the ‘evolution of the revolution’ and see how our fingerprints are all over the current global wrestling scene.

Whether you’ve been following us for years or you are just getting involved, from the bottom of our hearts we would like to say thank you as without your support right now non of this would be possible and this service wouldn’t be able to exist. 

 So once again THANK YOU and we look forwards to repaying you with hours of entertainment!