Published Sunday, 24th July 2016

London: Womens action signed for August 7th

2 WEEKS TODAY we are live at The London Cockpit and today we can confirm that the undefeated JINNY will have perhaps her toughest challenge to date when she goes one on one with the debuting XIA BROOKSIDE!

Xia is of course the daughter of British wrestling legend Robbie Brookside, however has not used that fact to get herself ahead. She quite simply subscribed to the philosophy that hard work pays off and having dedicated herself to the sport of pro wrestling has developed into one of the most well rounded wrestlers in the UK today. Trust us when we say she is not coming to Revolution Pro Wrestling to make up the numbers, she's coming to make an impact!

Jinny has thus far been very impressive in her two singles outings, showing a pronounced mean streak and a scowl to match, no one has been able to find the key to defeat her yet... will Brookisde be the first?