Published Monday, 1st October 2018

London: 2019 Cockpit Season Ticket Info

We are pleased to announce our first dates for 2019 as we continue our partnership with UK’s most unique and intimate venue for pro wrestling The London Cockpit. After a string of hugely successful, sell out shows over the last few years, we look to continue the trend into 2019 and beyond!

What we promise you is that we will continue to deliver the absolute best in pro wrestling action featuring the very best wrestlers from around the globe and if you thought 2018 was good… you aint seen nothing yet! (We used that same line last year and the year before & think it’s safe to say we’ve delivered!)



The ‘Live At The Cockpit Season Ticket’ is back and once again incorporates all 13 shows (that’s right we’ve added an extra show this year!) for just £150 (+ booking fee) giving you a saving of £51.50 or 3.5 FREE SHOWS!


Not just that but you will receive 12 physical show tickets in a wonderful presentation folder, complete with some glorious colour prints, stickers AND money off vouchers. 

THESE ARE GUARANTEED TO ARRIVE BEFORE CHRISTMAS (yes we just dropped the C-Bomb) so will also make a wonderful gift. 

If you can't attend a show. No problem! You have physical tickets for each individual event so feel free to give your ticket to a friend or sell it on for face value. No questions. No hassle. 

The dates of the shows are as follows all with 5pm doors and 5.30pm bell time:


  • Live At The Cockpit 35: 5th January 
  • Live At The Cockpit 36: 6th January 
  • Live At The Cockpit 37:3rd February  
  • Live At The Cockpit 38: 3rd March
  • Live At The Cockpit 39: 31st March  
  • Live At The Cockpit 40: 5th May 
  • Live At The Cockpit 41: 2nd June  
  • Live At The Cockpit 42: 7th July 
  • Live At The Cockpit 43: 4th August  
  • Live At The Cockpit 44: 1st September  
  • Live At The Cockpit 45: 6th October  
  • Live At The Cockpit 46: 3rd November  
  • Live At The Cockpit 47: 1st December  

Season ticket sales will close on December 4th and don't forget all orders will be with you before Christmas. 

Season tickets are on sale NOW: