Jimmy Havoc
Dartford, Kent
5 10
175 lbs
Signature Moves:
Rainmaker, Double Foot Stomp

Jimmy Havoc Biography

Cold, dark, evil, terrifying. All words used to describe Jimmy Havoc. One of the most dangerous men in pro wrestling, Havoc has little or no regard for his own wellbeing, so what do you expect him to have towards his opponents?

With no regrets, and no remorse for any of his actions, Havoc is a man not to be messed with. These characteristics traditionally would lead to loathing from the crowd, but it would seem that many seem to respect Havoc’s in your face, no nonsense style of conducting business.

 Havoc quite frankly couldn’t care less if you love him or hate him, he is in the business of hurting people & winning matches and quite frankly there may never have been a man more suited to that role.

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