Lord Gideon Grey

Lord Gideon Grey Biography

The man who had the longest reigning singles streak in Revolution Pro Wrestling, Lord Gideon Grey went an impressive 13-0 before finally being defeated by Matt Classic at High Stakes 2015.


Claiming that he will prove Classic is Colt Cabana (a man whom he defeated in a looser leaves town match) it is entirely possible that Grey could have the defeat erased from record books thus what he calls the single ‘most legitimate streak in all of sports and entertainment’ could be alive and well. Although if you were to inspect his record with a magnifying glass you may well find his ‘streak’ is far from legitimate.


Despite his appearance and the way he conducts himself in public, anyone who doesn’t take the Lord seriously is in trouble as he is a highly gifted & highly trained fighter. It’s just unfortunate that he seems to think that money is a short cut to success. 

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