Rockstar Spud
Rock City, Birmingham
5 3
133 lbs
Signature Moves:
Rockstar Stunner.

Rockstar Spud Biography

Arrogant. Conceited. Egotistical. None of these words can quite describe the demeanour of the ‘Rockstar’ Spud, a man who loves himself above all others and genuinely believes he is a huge rock star.

 A former fan favourite, Spud returned to the promotion in 2010 after a year long hiatus with a new attitude that would soon lead him to success. With his new found swagger, ‘Rockstar’ Spud acted exactly how you imagine a rock star would. He was rude to IPW:UK management, he ignored fans and he swore and gestured and anyone he saw. Plain and simply, ‘Rockstar Spud’ has become one of the most hated men in IPW:UK.

 Whilst his actions have disgusted those around him, the new found attitude of ‘Rockstar’ Spud led him to championship gold in 2010 when he secured a tainted victory over The Lion Kid to become the Undisputed British Cruiserweight Champion. With ‘Rockstar’ Spud on top of the cruiserweight division, many fans couldn’t wait to see who would step up to knock ‘Rockstar’ Spud off his perch. Unfortunately, nobody was able to step up as ‘Rockstar’ Spud remained inactive as champion for months citing various reasons including injury and his ridiculous demands not being met. IPW:UK management, feeling that a new champion was needed, stripped the mouthy ‘Rockstar’ and announced the beginning of a tournament to crown a new champion.

 Thus far, ‘Rockstar Spud’ has refused to return his championship to the promotion but has returned to competition alongside his new bodyguard, T-Bone as well as forming a bizarre relationship with Sha Samuels.

 ‘Rockstar’ Spud is without doubt one of the most devious and underhanded wrestlers ever to compete in IPW:UK. Now that he has returned and with some muscle to back up his words, is there anyone who can stop him becoming the huge star he already believes he is?

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