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​Date: Sunday May 19th l Venue: York Hall, Bethnal Green, 5 Old Ford Road, London, E2 9PJ​

Show Times:  Show 1: Doors 12pm, Bell Time 1pm,  End 4pm l Show 2: Doors 5pm,  Bell Time 6pm,  End 9pm

Direct from Mexico City’s Arena Mexico, where they perform in front of up to 16,500 roaring fans each and every Friday night, to London’s East End.


Genuine Lucha Libre Wrestling is coming to the nation’s capital as the world’s oldest wrestling promotion Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre (CMLL) brings its stars to the historic York Hall, Bethnal Green to deliver an authentic introduction to Mexican Lucha Libre.


Across two shows on Sunday May 19th, spectators will witness 2 stunning events bursting with heroism and villainy, masked athleticism, virtuosity and the uniquely Mexican high-flying take on free wrestling. The shows dubbed as Fantastica Mania UK (an event originated in Japan to showcase the Mexican style of wrestling) will take you on an exhilarating, foot-stamping, air-punching journey to the centre of a life-affirming struggle where rudos (bad guys) fight tecnicos (good guys) and where good does not always triumph over evil.

Cards So Far

Show 1

Bell Time 1pm l End 4pm

- Mistico, RKJ & JJ Gale vs Templario, Gabe Kidd (NJPW) & Magnus
- Connor Mills vs Hechicero
-Grizzled Young Vets & Luke Jacobs vs Mascara Dorada, Neon & Futuro
-Atlantis, Atlantis Jr & Dulce Gardenia vs Okumura & Lykos Gym
- Robbie X vs Barbaro Cavernario
-Kanji vs Stephanie Vaquer

Show 2

Bell Time 6pm l End 9pm

- Mistico vs Templario
Undisputed British Tag Team Championships
- Grizzled Young Vets (champions) vs Atlantis & Atlantis Jr (challengers)
Undiputed British Cruiserweight Championship
- Jordon Breaks (champion) vs Neon (challenger)
- Stephanie Vaquer vs Rhio 
-Zozaya vs Angel de Oro

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