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An in-depth look at the Contenders Division - JJ GALE

Every Friday we take an in-depth look at each member of the contender's division, starting with "White Shoes" himself, JJ GALE.

Height: 6ft

Weight: 175lbs

Wrestling Style: Evasive high-flyer and striker

Top 5 JJ GALE matches (in no particular order):

- JJ GALE vs HIKULEO - Live at the Cockpit 44 (JJ GALE's debut)

- JJ GALE vs ROB 'THE GOB' LIAS - Live at the Cockpit 46


- JJ GALE & SHAUN JACKSON vs THE LEGION - Season's Beatings 2019

- JJ GALE vs ROB 'THE GOB' LIAS - Live at the Cockpit 48

Since becoming a contender, GALE has already made his mark on RevPro. Getting into intense bouts with both HIKULEO and ROB 'THE GOB' LIAS. He has shown that he likes sticking up for the 'little man' or equalling the odds when the chips are down. For example, when he first went up against HIKULEO, HIKULEO was scheduled to have a match with TK COOPER, before LIAS got himself involved and knocked out COOPER with a brick before HIKULEO had even made his way to the ring.

HIKULEO pinned COOPER before challenging anyone to a match. GALE, who was clearly irate at what had just transpired, but also from the previous actions of HIKULEO got into the ring and shocked, not only HIKULEO but the fans also, with his speed and high-flying offense.

At this point in time, the fans in attendance had not been introduced to GALE at all, so they gave him the nickname, "WHITE SHOES" due to the white trainers he was wearing in the ring that day. GALE seems to have become a fan favourite, often having the crowd behind him wherever he goes and always impressing. GALE's battles with HIKULEO was one of his proudest moments in Revolution Pro so far, "Taking on HIKULEO... That sums up what I'm all about, I'm always training, I'm in the gym, I'm mentally prepared, so when the opportunity comes, I'm in the best shape and mindset possible to take on any challenge and knock that door down. TK was injured and the people had paid to see HIKULEO, they needed someone, so I stepped up, against one of the members of the Bullet Club, that was my debut in the Cockpit. I got kicked and thrown around the ring, but I kept getting up because I wanted to prove that even if I can't pin him to the mat, even if I can't keep his shoulders down, I'm going to keep going until I can't anymore." To give GALE his due, although he claims to have been absolutely kicked around the ring by HIKULEO, he stood tall to the 6'8" 'Young Gun' of the Bullet Club.

The young contender also had pretty intense altercations with ROB 'THE GOB' LIAS. LIAS and GALE have so far had three matches against each other, all occurring at the Cockpit, with LIAS currently holding a 2-1 victory over the contender. GALE was unfortunately caught in the middle of a heated rivalry between COOPER and LIAS, with LIAS having no remorse for GALE as he took out his frustrations with COOPER on him. Throughout these matches, the more experienced LIAS had the upper hand, however, GALE, with his tenacity and attitude to not stay down, managed to pick up a victory over the more experienced LIAS in their second match.

GALE has also impressed in his matches against the other contenders. His performance in the contender fatal-four-way (the winner would go on to face REN NARITA) at Southampton was admirable, with GALE putting in a solid showing as he looked like he was possibly going to win it with the momentum on his side but WHITE saw an opening and took advantage, pinning GALE for the victory. GALE is still to win against the other contenders, however, he has only had two matches against his fellow division members, one being the contenders fatal-four-way, the other against SHAUN JACKSON who he later teamed with at Season's Beatings 2019 against THE LEGION.

GALE is visually different from the other contenders in his division, whereas the other three in the division are clearly more heavyweight-based, JJ is leaner, still muscular, but leaner than the other contenders. As a result, GALE uses a lot more of a high-flying, momentum-based offense to try and topple his opponents, making him an ace of the air. Speaking on what makes him different from the other contenders, GALE touched upon this, "I look physically different, they're all bigger guys in terms of British wrestling, all of us are athletic, but I am smaller. I end up taking more risks though as a result, not to please the audience or 'be flashy', it's because I will take whatever risks I can to achieve the win."

GALE's gameplan is also interesting, he looks at the here and now, not necessarily the long term, "I take each match as they come, step by step, yes I have long term goals but I will do whatever it takes to win that match at that moment, not only for the fans, and not to be cringy but... for me, so I know I have done everything I can to win and make an impact on the RevPro fanbase." Speaking of goals though, GALE does have one in particular that he has set his sights on.

"My number one goal is to wrestle at York Hall, I am currently the only contender who hasn't wrestled there yet. KENNETH was involved in the scramble match at Uprising, SHAUN and GABE went at each other previously and BRENDAN wrestled NARITA there during the British J-Cup. It doesn't upset me because when that opportunity comes calling, I want to show York Hall what I am all about, it gives me more time to prepare, more time to learn, more time to train, so when the opportunity is there I am as ready as I can be!"

GALE knows that he's nearly ready to make the leap, but right now, he hasn't quite been able to grab the brass ring with both hands, but he knows full well he's in the right place. "I love RevPro and the fans of RevPro, I think it's one of the best fanbases and companies in the UK, in Europe, the world. I'm genuinely privileged to be where I am."

GALE could be, and arguably will be, an incredible talent, if he's not already. He uses all of the wrestling ring and his improvisation to his advantage. Clearly, when speaking to GALE he has the drive, tenacity, and dedication to be one of the best talents in RevPro. GALE didn't comment on any possible goals further than the contender's division.

Check back next Friday when we take an in-depth look at KENNETH HALFPENNY.

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