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GISELE SHAW - From RevPro Debutant to Undisputed British Women's Champion

After her recent success in her second championship bout against ZOE LUCAS, at High Stakes 2020 in York Hall, we look at the ‘Quintessential diva’ and her meteoric rise from Revolution Pro debutant to Undisputed British Women’s Champion in less than a year!

Top 5 Gisele Shaw Matches:

- GISELE SHAW vs MERCEDES MARTINEZ - Live In Southampton 10


- GISELE SHAW vs ZOE LUCAS - New Years Revolution 2020


- GISELE SHAW vs ZOE LUCAS - High Stakes 2020

GISELE SHAW’s debut was an incredibly tough ask from the onset, as she challenged the Undisputed British Women’s Champion, ZOE LUCAS, in non-title action. SHAW picked up a surprising victory over the champion, making her an immediate contender for the champions ‘bae’.

Since that victory, SHAW has gone from strength to strength. With LUCAS being absent from RevPro, the ‘Quintessential diva’ looked to prove herself to the fans, and RevPro management, that she was the deserving number one contender.

With wrestlers coming from all over the world, SHAW didn’t care who was put in front of her, with wrestlers such as AEW superstar SHANNA and the world-famous, TESSA BLANCHARD being just two of the many competitors who fell to SHAW’s style, grace, and athleticism in the ring.

The elegance and mentality of SHAW grew as her ability and drive to take on the toughest competitors meant that she was on LUCAS’ radar.

With the champs return to RevPro at Season’s Beatings 2019, after being called out by the challenger, the absent champion confronted the fan favourite, with a title challenge set for New Year’s Revolution!

This was SHAW’s chance, the back end of 2019 had led to this opportunity at the beginning of 2020. With all the momentum on the side of the ‘Quintessential diva’, she looked to use her elegance, determination and speed to floor LUCAS. The champions devilish side, however, was SHAW’s downfall, as the champion looked to hit SHAW with a chair, only for it to be a distraction for the ref as she knocked the challenger out with her own title belt to pick up the win and retain her belt.

SHAW was distraught, her opportunity had been and gone. But instead of wallowing and begging for another title match, she knew she had to earn her place!

An opportunity arose in the form of a fatal four-way match at Live in Huntingdon 1, for the chance to face the champion at High Stakes 2020. SHAW's grit, determination and elegance came through once again. Whilst bleeding from the mouth, she took control of a stranded KASEY OWENS, grinding her down before submitting her opponent to her patented armbar. SHAW once again had become the number one contender.

Before her match-up at High Stakes, SHAW had one final challenge. That challenge was in the form of TAYA VALKYRIE. The AAA wrestler, a veteran of the scene, is a physically strong competitor with a lucha background, making her a tough opponent for the number one contender. SHAW knew that she needed momentum before going into her match against the champion. SHAW took a kicking early on in the match-up, with the strength of VALKYRIE proving a key role in the outcome early on. However, the resilience of SHAW was on full display, as she powered through, eventually taking back control, to the surprise of the import, using her ability to manipulate the arm of VALKYRIE, forcing her to tap out and gain the victory. Whilst the ‘Quintessential diva’ was celebrating an impressive win over a disgruntled VALKYRIE. The champion, clearly infuriated, came sprinting from behind to knock out her challenger.

SHAW knew, going into her match with ZOE LUCAS at High Stakes, that there was no messing around! She had a second chance at a title that most wrestlers don’t get a first chance at! The ‘Quintessential diva’ had brought a new attitude with her. Irate at what the champ had put her through, SHAW went straight for the jugular. She smashed the champion with a strong knee in the opening move before wailing on the champion. Her whole new attitude meant she took control early, however LUCAS’s craftiness and conniving ways meant she took back control, with the ‘beauty wrestler’ looking to retain her 'bae' by any means necessary, she looked to attack the challenger with her ‘bae’ in hand, looking for a disqualification win. However, referee Oscar Harding removed the belt from LUCAS's possession, only for him to be distracted, as the champ went to the outside, finding her old ‘bae’ underneath the ring to strike the ‘Quintessential Diva’, reminiscent of their previous championship encounter at New Years Revolution. SHAW became wise to this, dodging the cheap shot and locking in her armbar, bridging backward to wrench the arm out of the socket of the champion, forcing her to tap out and pick up the victory and finally claim the Undisputed British Women's Championship.

SHAW has proven her salt as a champion already, putting in the hard work, never giving up, learning from her mistakes and doing whatever she can to make opportunities for herself, even when the chips are against her. What will be interesting is to see who will be next to step up to the plate to challenge the ‘Quintessential diva’. It is likely that LUCAS will be hovering around the championship, as she will want to get her ‘bae’ back as soon as possible. Could newcomer ALEAH JAMES pose an interesting threat to champion as the rising star has gone from strength to strength recently, or could a previous foe come back to face GISELE SHAW.

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