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Gisele Shaw returns!

Gisele Shaw entered RevPro with one goal in mind; to put the women's division on the map.

As we entered lockdown she was on top of the world, Undisputed British Women's Champion, closing High Stakes 2020 alongside new British and Cruiserweight Champions respectively and the world was seemingly her oyster as she was on course to complete her mission statement in emphatic fashion.

However fast forward to 2021 and she sits without the Gold she held so dear after being dethroned by Jamie Hayter at Epic Encounters 8. But for Shaw this is just a part of her journey. The goal remains unchanged and this summer she looks to define herself not by the way she fell but by the way she picks herself back up as Gisele Shaw gets BACK TO BUSINESS!

You can see the dates that Gisele Shaw is currently confirmed for on the below graphic. Tickets can be purchased for our upcoming events: HERE

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