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London: Update On Undisputed British Heavyweight Championship Match

Upon hearing the news of the injury to RKJ, Great-O-Khan's charge sent RevPro management the following message:

On behalf of Great-O-Khan, Grey signed a contract entitling him to an Undisputed British Heavyweight Championship match on December 17th and one way or another he was going to use that legal loophole to get his charge his date with destiny.

With RKJ medically not cleared to compete and officials refusing his requests to defy doctors orders he has no choice but to forfeit the championship to Great-O-Khan or to find someone to take his place.

Enter the 'Zodiac'

Despite being deep into preparation for a stylistically different opponent in Tomohiro Ishii his uncle Zak Knight has stepped up. Stating quite simply, 'Family first'.

This is a big move from Knight, who spoke about his frustration in the past of always being the stand in. But this one was his call.

Going from being scheduled for one of the highest profile matches of his career to another. He now has a huge weight of responsibility on his shoulders going up against an undefeated and very dangerous opponent. He doesn't want to let his nephew down and at the same time he realises himself that this a huge opportunity to announce his arrival on a huge stage.

So this Saturday we will see the Undisputed British Heavyweight Championship on the line when Zak Knight, defending on behalf of RKJ goes one on one with 'The Dominator' Great-O-Khan!

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