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Results: Live In London 68

The below article contains spoilers for RevPro Live In London 68 which is available to watch now on

Quick Results:

- Leon Slater defeated Michael Oku

- Shaun 'Action' Jackson defeated Josh James

- Will Kaven & Dan Moloney defeated Luke Jacobs & Robbie X

- Connor Mills defeated Eddie Dennis

- Kanji defeated Mercedez Blaze

- Sunshine Machine defeated Greedy Souls via disqualification

- Ricky Knight Jr defeated Zak Knight

Leon Slater defeated Michael Oku - after Connor Mills made his presence felt at ringside Slater was able to take Oku off guard, volting over the corner post and wiping out a man who inspired him early in his pro wrestling journey, before finishing the contest with his trademark Swanton 450 splash. The maturity Slater displayed in this contest showed many that he is more than ready of the challenge that lies ahead on December 17th when Leon Slater goes one on one with Zack Sabre Jr. This contest also served to add further fuel to the fire between Michael Oku & Connor Mills, whom Oku vowed he would 'get' before the end of the night.

'Double Action: Action' Shaun 'Action' Jackson defeated Josh James - Jackson avenged the loss from Live In London 66 by overcoming an early onslaught from a very game Joshua James. A physical encounter that saw both men push each other to their limits.

Will Kaven & Dan Moloney defeated Luke Jacobs & Robbie X - absolute mayhem saw the young upstart Kaven pick up another high profile victory over the Undisputed British Cruiserweight Champion, forcing himself into the championship equation alongside the 2022 British J Cup winner, Robbie X in the process. The rivalry between Luke Jacobs and Dan Moloney looks set to rage on, as after the contest Jacobs addressed all the men involved inviting both Robbie X & Will Kaven to Uprising on Saturday December 17th to contest for the British Cruiserweight Championship... Dan Moloney on the other hand he told to get f****d

Connor Mills defeated Eddie Dennis via TKO - an emotionally driven student vs teacher contest that ended after Michael Oku threw in the towel on behalf of Eddie Dennis, who was on the receiving end of an onslaught from the skilled striker Mills. But this only tells half the story. Prior to the contest Michael Oku true to his words that he would get Mills before the end of the night attacked his former tag team partner and best friend as he made his way to the ring. So determined in his assault he fought off anyone who came between them until it was the words of Mills' opponent and the man who trained both Oku and Mills that brought him to his senses. Dennis proclaimed that Oku had his date with 'True Grit' at York Hall but for Eddie Dennis THIS was his York Hall as he had to show everyone something that he was unable to do for the past 5 years and that's show that he was still a professional wrestler. Oku listening to the words of Dennis and realising that he was on the verge of taking away the spotlight from his mentor and shining it on himself (a trait that Mills himself accused Oku of) left the ringside area to watch the contest from the locker room. However after Dennis sustained a number of blows to the head Oku could watch no more, making his way back to ringside and throwing in the towel to in his mind 'protect' his mentor. Dennis responded in the exact way Oku would in the situation, making it very clear that's not the way he wanted the contest to end and that if he was to go out it would be on his own sword. There are perhaps more questions than answers about all 3 men coming out of this one as the road to Uprising continues.

Kanji defeated Mercedez Blaze - a close contest saw Kanji hand Mercedez her first singles pinfall loss in RevPro. A vicious back elbow from the Southside Women's Champion seemingly created a flash knock out to put Blaze down for the count. Mercedez Blaze proved she was just as bad a loser as she is a winner by throwing a fit at ringside when she awoke to realise what had happened & it will be interesting to see how she responds to this setback moving forwards whilst Kanji will take confidence & momentum into her December 17th unification match with Alex Windsor.

Sunshine Machine defeated Undisputed British Tag Team Champions The Greedy Souls via disqualification - This rivalry shall continue, on Saturday December 17th to be precise. After walking out on the pairs previous contest Danny Jones & Brendan White got themselves disqualified before beginning a vicious onslaught on the former champions. The message was clear, The Greedy Souls weren't looking for another 'out' they were looking to be taken seriously. They wanted to make a statement and they proclaimed they were going to make the biggest one of all December 17th in a no count-out, no disqualification street fight!

Undisputed British Heavyweight Champion Ricky Knight Jr defeated Zak Knight - a family fight for the ages saw Nephew overcome Uncle as RKJ stepped up and showed Zak Knight exactly why he is called Undisputed. Zak took the loss in his stride, showing a maturity that perhaps wasn't there in the past acknowledging that right now RKJ is the best and showing a desire to get to his level by continuing to compete against top level competition and there can be no doubting the fact that he's going to do just that on Saturday December 17th when he goes one on one with Tomohiro Ishii!

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