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RICKY KNIGHT JR. makes a statement!

At Lethal Weapon, Sunday, March 8th, RICKY KNIGHT JR was challenged by one half of the Ring of Honor Tag Team Champions, Jay Lethal. Before the match, Lethal laid out the challenge that if he won, he would become the number one contender to the Speedking Championship. With this stipulation now on the line, what would already be an intense battle, became personal!

Each combatant had a huge amount of respect for each other to begin, however, neither could find an advantage, as they matched each other, move for move, strength for strength, speed for speed. This, however, got into the head of the experienced Lethal, as he believed the younger Champion, was disrespecting him. As a result, Lethal became more ferocious, but RKJ, wanting to prove he can hang with the best, matched him. Lethal, kept trying to hit his devasting finish, the ‘Lethal Injection’ however, RKJ had it scouted every time, catching the Ring Of Honor superstar in whatever fashion he could.

The wherewithal and familiarity of the venue meant the Speedking Champion got a little bit more of a foothold towards the end of the match as he managed to catch Lethal off-guard before hitting his powerful piledriver to pick up the win.

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