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SEAN KUSTOM's Poor Run Continues!

Over the weekend, Sean Kustom's poor run in Revolution Pro continued as he continued to look for redemption against The Legion!

At 'Risky Business' Kustom took on Legion member, 'Overkill' Mark Haskins (who is undefeated in 2020 in RevPro) in singles competition. As Kustom managed to get a foothold in the match-up, Haskins became visibly more infuriated. He stormed to the back with Vicky by his side, with many in attendance thinking he was willing to lose by count-out. However, the 'Preacher's Son', came out with his wife Vicky Haskins and the leader of the Legion, Gideon Grey.

Kustom held his own throughout, with his impressive offense keeping him well and truly in the match as the former Southside Heavyweight Champion was out to prove himself.

The numbers game quickly caught up to Kustom though. As Kustom looked like he was about to win, Grey got onto the apron, distracting the referee from making the three-count. As the ref ordered Grey out of the venue, Vicky took advantage, grabbing the leader of the Legion's cane and striking Kustom across the head, knocking him unconscious and leaving Haskins to pick up the three-count.

Kustom looked to bounce back quickly, as the next day at 'Lethal Weapon', the 'Thunder from Down Under' looked to topple a huge challenge as he looked to defeat the Undefeated 'Dominator' Great O-Kharn! However, this matchup was different from O-Kharn's previous encounters, as he didn't have his manager Gideon Grey in his corner. Kustom, again, showed incredible offensive prowess, with his incredible speed and athleticism giving him the early advantage. However, the 'Dominator' had clearly learned a few tricks from his manager, with his gameplan clearly developed, using his power and stature to slow down Kustom's momentum.

The arrogance and dominance of O-Kharn came back to bite him though as he took his time, leaving Kustom enough time to recover, create space and use his athleticism once again to get the one up on O-Kharn. As the former champion looked to finally pick up a win in 2020, as he ventured to the top rope, Sha Samuels came down from commentary, looking to get involved, Kustom changed his focus to Samuels, leaving time for O-Kharn to recover, clasping his opponent with his claw hold, before delivering a massive claw slam for O-Kharn to pick up the win and remain undefeated.

With Kustom's poor run, since losing his Southside Heavyweight Championship, what will the 'Thunder from Down Under' have to do to be able to bounce back and pick up a win.

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