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St Neots: Tag Team Champions in action!

The final match has been signed for tomorrows Seasons Beatings in St Neots as it will see Undisputed British Tag Team Champions: Greedy Souls going up against Michael Oku and an as of yet unnamed opponent.

We understand that Oku initially approached his trainer Eddie Dennis to be his partner in an attempt to build a fence between himself and the 'Pride of Wales' following the events of Live In London 68. But Dennis declined the invite.

Whom Oku will pick (or if he will pick anyone at all) remains to be seen as he goes up against very dangerous opposition who are riding a flow of momentum in Brendan White & Danny Jones.

It's impossible to analyse this one with an unknown quantity involved, however one things for sure we know that with the announced talent alone this match will be one you don't want to miss!

Get your tickets for Seasons Beatings now:

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