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Twitter Q&A - 7th February

On Friday evening, with just a week from York Hall, we had one of our surprise, Twitter Q&A sessions.

We kicked things off with a rule for York Hall, with ‘@Oh_EmmaG’ asking “If I bring a sandwich into York Hall, will it be confiscated?” Unfortunately, it probably will be due to security reasons.

We had a lot of questions about Talent coming back from overseas, such as @JakeHDTaylor asking “Any plans to get Artemis Spencer back for a show?” and @Thesoumikdatta9 asking “When will other Suzuki Gun members make their RevPro return?”. In answer to both questions, we would love to have these talents over as they are incredible to watch. But members of Suzuki Gun may be announced sooner rather than later.

We had multiple questions regarding the unification match between the Southside Heavyweight Championship, and the Undisputed British Heavyweight Championship. Currently, we are unsure as to when this will happen as there is no specific date pencilled in, but there is a plan for a unification match down the line.

Many people were asking for more shows in more venues, with @SmokeyHudson asking “Could we get a second show in Guildford instead of just one a year?” and @trenchjester asking “Any chance of a Birmingham show?”. We would love to host more shows across the UK, however, with each of these, we have nothing specific yet.

We also had questions on merchandise, with @SarahLCutts asking if there are “any plans on some Shota merch on the web store?”, which is currently in the works as we speak! We would also like to let everyone know that if you order anything on online and wish to collect it at High Stakes, you can by using the code ‘HSC20’, saving on postage with the merchandise packed & ready for you to pick up on collection!

We will leave you on this Q&A summary with a question from MAD KURT himself, asking simply “Is EDDIE KINGSTON a scaredy cat baby coward?”, the only way we can answer is “Has MAD KURT not learned his lesson yet?”.

If you wish to join in on our surprise Q&A’s follow us on twitter, @RevProUK, and while you’re at it, why not follow us on Instagram (@revprouk) and Facebook ( for our latest news, announcements and article pieces.

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