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Twitter Q&A Transcript (19/03/21)

Every Friday we host a Q&A on our Twitter ( for you convenience, below is a transcript of this past weeks session! Don't forget if you have any questions for us you can join us this Friday and #AskRevPro

Any plans for Ospreay’s next challenger?

@RevProUK: Likely to be the currently uncrowned Southside Champion at some point in the future. The world is quite an uncertain place right now but the one thing that is certain is that those championships will be unified at some point down the line!

Will the York Hall/Cockpit events be streamed on YouTube/Twitch ?

@RevProUK: No, they will only be available on

What is the best way to watch RevPro Epic Encounter Shows?

@RevProUK: They are on YouTube or Twitch for premiere stream only but full archives of all past Epic Encounters shows are up on (also available as an app on Android/iOS/Roku) which also has a free two week trial if you want to check it out

What are the plans for the Vacant tag team titles?

@RevProUK: Well they aren't officially Vacant yet. As we stressed our situation hasn't necessitated acting on anything but we with things changing & live shows on the horizon it's time for some movement. We will have an official announcement coming soon.

How is Shota, will he be around soon?

@RevProUK: When there's an update we will update!

Sorry, we just don't have anything new to report just yet. As soon as we do you will be the first to know.

Shoot fight: Brock Lesnar vs Haku, who ya got?


Have you looked at northern promotions for new talent? Rhio Will Kroos Roxxy Ivy and Brady Philips could be talent to look for when you are rebuilding the roster

@RevProUK: Always looking at new talent. Roxxy worked with us the weekend of our last shows and is fantastic!

Are there any plans to use Portsmouth School Of Wrestling for shows after live crowds are available?

@RevProUK: As a location for shows with fans? No, that won't happen.

Next epic encounters? #AskRevPro

@RevProUK: Don't have a date yet. But despite slowdown in their production we plan on hitting at least one a month before the return of fans!

whats your least fav thing about promoting shows?

@RevProUK: Every single bit apart from the actual show itself!

Any plans for a Northampton return?

@RevProUK: No dates in the diary at present, but we enjoyed the show there we did and would certainly like to come back at some point!

How hard is it to try and get overseas talent over for the big shows? Bordering the impossible?!

@RevProUK: In theory it should be fine. In practice we'll watch this space!

Is the Cheltenham venue you ran the anniversary show at in 2019 one you plan to use again?

@RevProUK: No plans at the moment. But it is a beautiful venue so who knows what the future may hold!

when will the Patreon be updated??

@RevProUK: Q&A is uploading right now so will be up in the next hour so and there will be a larger update next week!

Who are some of the young British wrestlers we should be keeping an eye on in 2021/22?

@RevProUK: Let's see what state everyone turns up in after this Lockdown and then we will talk

As you have a relationship with njpw. Can we see stardom wrestlers make an appearance for rev pro?

@RevProUK: Pre-lockdown & even pre ownership change there was a willingness on both sides to make it happen. Would say it's probably an inevitability down the line

Any possibility of Manchester shows again post pandemic?

@RevProUK: August 21st, Victoria Warehouse for our 9 Year Anniversary Show. Join us!

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