Sha Samuels
East End of London
6 1
240 lbs
Signature Moves:

Sha Samuels Biography

The East-End hard man has earned his reputation as one of the corner stones of Revolution Pro Wrestling.  Having been around since the inception of IPW as one half of The Kartel alongside his best friend Terry Frazier, Samuels enjoyed huge success in the tag team ranks as The Kartel, dominating that division for many years.

 With a rugged, hard hitting style, Sha Samuels was the perfect partner to Frazier’s faster, high flying style and this perfect partnership led The Kartel to the British Tag Team Championships.

 In 2008, Frazier began to break out on his own and enjoyed singles success that planted the seeds of jealously within Sha Samuels. As time went on, The Kartel continued their successful ways as the team to beat but it wouldn’t be long before Samuels tore the team apart.

 In 2010, Samuels turned his back on Frazier, attacking him and severing their personal and professional relationship. A series of brutal grudge matches followed in which the two former friends battered each other and brought a previously unseen level of aggression. This bitter rivalry culminated in an I Quit match which saw Samuels and Frazier pulverise each other before Frazier said I Quit. Whilst Samuels was left battered in the ring, he had gained the victory and was declared the number one contender to the Undisputed British Heavyweight Championship.

In May 2011, Samuels took on Undisputed Champion Dave Mastiff and Pro Wrestling Noah star Takeshi Morishima in a Triple Threat match with the richest prize in European wrestling on the line. Morishima was the first man eliminated which left Samuels and Mastiff to battle it out. Following interference from Rockstar Spud, Samuels used a title belt to finish off Mastiff and become the brand new Undisputed British Heavyweight Champion.

As the top dog in Revolution Pro, Samuels has gone about defeating any and all title challengers. By any means necassary. Earning himself the reputation of one of the most ruthless champions in wrestling history. A title that he is very proud of.

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