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DAVID STARR Demands York Hall Rematch!

Last night at Live at the Cockpit 50, after successfully defending the Southside Heavyweight Championship against previous champion SEAN KUSTOM, DAVID STARR announced he needed to move on and could no longer be the Southside Heavyweight Champion. This, however, was a ruse, as the reason why he could no longer be Southside Heavyweight champion is because he wanted a unification match, he wanted a York Hall rematch from Summer Sizzler! He wanted to unify the Southside Heavyweight Championship and the Undisputed British Heavyweight Championship as he challenged WILL OSPREAY to a unification title match at Epic Encounter 2020, but this time, with "no funny business"!

OSPREAY is yet to respond to the challenge laid out in front of him by DAVID STARR.

Tickets for Epic Encounter are already available for you to grab by clicking the link here.

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