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FLETCHER and UMINO Come to Blows!

After another unsuccessful tag team result at Lethal Weapon, SHOTA UMINO & KYLE FLETCHER came to blows as another miscommunication happened between the pairing.

As Fletcher hit Umino, while trying to execute a tag team maneuver, Mad Kurt managed to roll up the ‘Shooter’. Fletcher stood shocked, as he tried to interrupt the pin but couldn’t before the referee’s count hit for three! After the match, as the dust had settled on what happened, Fletcher and Shota squared off against each other, screaming in each other’s face, as Mad Kurt tried to escalate things further for his own amusement as he pushed Umino into Fletcher, creating more tension between the two as the two then started wailing on each other!

With the former friends now knocking lumps out each other, neither were holding anything back. As they kept scrapping, the Contenders had to run in to separate the two. As soon as space was created, Fletcher, infuriated at what had happened, stormed to the back, with Umino left in the ring as a look of bewilderment came across his face.

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