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Huntingdon - 25th Jan - Two massive match announcements - Live in Huntingdon 1

Today we have had two massive match announcements, both for our evening show, Live in Huntingdon 1.

ZOE LUCAS (c) vs. MILLIE MCKENZIE - Undisputed British Women's Championship Match

The first of our two-match announcements will see champion ZOE LUCAS look too keep hold of her 'bae' once again, by defeating the returning MILLIE MCKENZIE. LUCAS has not lost a title match and is the longest-reigning current champion in Revolution Pro, with an impressive winter for Revolution Pro by defeating her two top challengers, defeating MADDISON MILES, the Queen of the Ring winner at Season's Beatings and then defeating the other number one contender GISELE SHAW at New Years Revolution. MILLIE MCKENZIE has not been in a Revolution Pro ring since mid-2018 but will be looking to hit the ground running again and topple the champion.


This has barn-burner written all over it! With RKJ suffering his first singles loss to ROBBIE X at New Years Revolution in a non-title match, he will look to bounce back and gain momentum ahead of his clash with ROBBIE X at High Stakes with RKJs Speedking championship on the line. Whereas TK COOPER will look to carry on his 2020 as he started it. COOPER picked up an impressive victory over ROB LIAS at New Years Revolution.

Will TK COOPER keep his momentum going and pick up the win over RICKY KNIGHT JR., or can RKJ bounce straight back and keep the headbutt messiah down for the three count?

Grab your tickets for Live in Huntingdon 1 here. Or grab your tickets for both shows on the 25th January (Grlz Vol. 1 and Live in Huntingdon 1) here.

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