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Live in Huntingdon 1 - January 25th - Double Match Announcement - Commemoration Hall

Last night, across our social media, we had a double match announcement for our debut night in Huntingdon for Live in Huntingdon at Commemoration Hall!

Our first announcement sees 'Shooter' SHOTA UMINO take on the 'East End Butcher' SHA SAMUELS in singles action. UMINO will look to continue his recent run of wins and his second win over a LEGION member. SAMUELS will look to continue THE LEGIONS dominance across Revolution Pro and take revenge for UMINO's win over LORD GIDEON GREY at Season's Beatings.

Our second match announcement sees two challengers at High Stakes go one on one. Both MICHAEL OKU and ROBBIE X will be looking for a win and to carry that momentum over to High Stakes, with OKU looking to keep up his incredible run of wins since winning the British J-Cup 2019 and carry that over for his match for the Undisputed British Cruiserweight Championship. ROBBIE X will be looking to gain victory after his win in an incredible match against RICKY KNIGHT JR. at New Years Revolution, earning his shot at the Speedking Championship which has been set for High Stakes at York Hall.

You can grab your tickets for our evening show Live in Huntingdon 1 and our afternoon, all women's show Grlz Vol. 1 separately or you can pick up your ticket for both shows here.

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