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Live in Southampton 16 Quick Results

This past Sunday, we were back at the 1865 in Southampton in what was a fantastic afternoon of pro wrestling and its best. We're here to provide you with all the results from Sunday's show and don't forget you'll be able to check out the full event shortly from

- Alex Coughlin defeated Mark Davis.

- Dan Moloney defeated David Francisco.

Undisputed British Women's Championship

- Alex Windsor defeated Hyan and Rhia O'Reilly.

(Following Laura Di Matteo being unable to compete, Alex Windsor was left without an opponent and challenged Hyan and Rhia to a triple threat match which was soon accepted after Windsor offered to put her championship on the line)

- Will Ospreay defeated Lee Hunter.

- Lykos Gym defeated Shota Umino & Yota Tsuji by disqualification.

- Gabriel Kidd defeated Kyle Fletcher.

Undisputed British Cruiserweight Championship

- Michael Oku defeated Luke Jacobs.

Check out where you'll be able to watch the show in full shortly. 2 week free trial for new subscribers.

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