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London : Dan Moloney vs RKJ announced

Two men who are very familiar with one another in Ricky Knight Jr and Dan Moloney will clash this Sunday in London. These two men have nothing but pure hatred for each other and with The Drilla ducking RKJ at every opportunity only to go and stand victorious in their tag contest last time in London, that can only frustrates and bring out that vicious and sadistic side of RKJ we've seen on a number of occasions.

In singles competition the two stand one a piece with Moloney victorious in their first round match in the Southside Heavyweight Championship tournament at Epic Encounters Six and RKJ bouncing back to win the Southside Heavyweight Championship when they met in the final at Live at the Cockpit 51.

Neither man wants to face the world the next day without standing triumphant at the conclusion of this contest and they promise to leave it all in the ring this Sunday.

Live in London 60 takes place this Sunday from 229, The Venue

Doors 4:30pm Bell Time 5:30pm. Tickets on sale HERE!

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